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Welcome to cablex.
We plan, construct and maintain infrastructures for you.
As a leading company in ICT and network infrastructure solutions,
we’re sure to have the support you need.
We want you!
The time is right for a career with a future.
Here at cablex, dedicated employees discover interesting challenges
in a dynamic environment. That’s why we want you.
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Connecting you to the future of communication, energy and transport.

cablex is there for you up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As the leading provider of cutting-edge ICT and network infrastructure solutions, we offer you integrated and digitalised order processing.

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cablex and its customers make donations.
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Monteur Freileitungen bei cablex.
cablex arbeitet mit Makro Asset Management für...
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Arbeitsalltag eines Techniker Antennenbau bei c...
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Since 2016, cablex has stopped sending its customers Christmas gifts. Instead, customers can choo...
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Ein Monteur Freileitungen übernimmt bei cablex anspruchsvolle Kundenaufträge im Bereich Spleiss-...
Im Frühjahr 2015 erfolgte für cablex (Tochtergesellschaft von Swisscom) im Verbund mit ihren Part...
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Wie sieht ein Arbeitsalltag eines Techniker Antennenbau bei cablex aus? 

cablex company film – wholeheartedly.

Unusual pictures at various building sites, because suddenly young Swisscom apprentices were working alongside our employees at network construction, installation or service, as well as individual staff from the cablex communications department. We filmed work scenes and down shafts, climbed up masts, or even flew almost to mountain tops. All this with one purpose in mind: to show cablex in “Action”.

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