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Connecting you to the future of communication, energy and transport.

cablex is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swisscom. The company specialises in the construction, maintenance and operation of high performance ICT and network infrastructure solutions, as well as the planning and implementation of forward-looking "Smart Infrastructure" projects. Thanks to its broad positioning and efficient organisation, the company is able to produce complex infrastructures across Switzerland. The company employs around 1400 people in Switzerland. On request, cablex is available for you 24/7.

Delémont headquarters: 24,600 copper wires must...
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An interference, a drunk and the police.
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Thanks to complaints on site visit.
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A look behind the scenes of the Ceneri Base Tun...
Act three, action!
cablex acquires equipment and staff of Stierli...
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cablex clears the way for building the new RBS...
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cablex connects the northern ring road.
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cablex supports Engadiner Kraftwerke AG with th...
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The headquarters in Delémont is being pulled down, with just the cellar remaining. Therefore, eve...
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The week of 14 May 2018 was an especially difficult week in Western Switzerland. The work program...
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Elvira Baumann, who has worked for Swisscom for over 30 years, was very disappointed, because her...
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This episode is dedicated to the people in the background. Mathias Brand (Head of Infrastructure,...
Act three, action!

cablex continues to grow, sustainably strengthening its competencies in cable line engineering. T...
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In the night of Tuesday, 17 April 2018, 23 optical fibre cables were laid (260 m). The decision w...
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The Gubrist northern ring road is is undergoing expansion up to 2025. cablex is also involved as...
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By 2020, Engadiner Kraftwerke AG will replace the existing supply lines in the valley with new un...
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cablex Events.

cablex company film – wholeheartedly.

Unusual pictures at various building sites, because suddenly young Swisscom apprentices were working alongside our employees at network construction, installation or service, as well as individual staff from the cablex communications department. We filmed work scenes and down shafts, climbed up masts, or even flew almost to mountain tops. All this with one purpose in mind: to show cablex in “Action”.

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