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cablex supports the Capacity initiative.

Capacity supports refugees/migrants in Zurich in looking for meaningful activities and work. The focus here is on the existing knowledge and capabilities of each person. Many refugees have numerous skills that are often not sufficiently recognised in the host country. In addition, they usually only have restricted access to educational and work opportunities corresponding to their skills. This is where the Capacity initiative comes in. It provides refugees in Switzerland with coaching, further education and networking opportunities and supports them in contributing their ideas and potential to a sustainable Swiss economy through working in a company or establishing their own company.

This year Capacity is organising a pilot mentoring programme for refugees/migrants who want to implement their own business idea or a cultural/social initiative. Thanks to the personal involvement of Alex Weinert, CX-F-ISA, contact was established with Capacity and the mentoring programme "Progress lives from new ideas." It quickly became clear that technical aids would provide very helpful support for the participants in the mentoring programme. Better technical aids would in particular also support communication between the mentees and their mentors. As is well known, cablex connects the future. This is precisely why we have donated 10 iPad4s to these future entrepreneurs.

We are pleased in this way to contribute to the success of the initiative and wish the mentees every success in their projects. Interested parties can find more information at  www.capacityzurich.ch

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The now very well-equipped mentees, together with those behind the initiative and Alex Weinert. 

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