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31/05/2019  /  Jasmin Schuoler

On site with one of our trainee assembly electricians.

Making a day of it!

A typical day in the life of an assembly electrician begins early in the morning. A huge variety of tasks are waiting to be dealt with at the building site. But what exactly are our trainees learning to do? I spent a day at work with them to find out more.

At 7.00 a.m. sharp the working day begins for our trainee assembly electrician Kristijan. He is already in the third year of training and will soon be taking his final examination (QV). He has learnt a lot during his three years of training as an assembly electrician, and today I was able to shadow him for a whole day. In the process I was able to find out exactly what an assembly electrician does and gain insight into day-to-day life on the building site.

The task for today.
cablex is growing as a company and continually developing. For this growth, the company needs more infrastructure in the form of office spaces. To make this a reality, INF-BRU-E-2 Zurich was tasked with installing the electricity connections for 50 new workspaces, which need to be ready for use by the summer.

For this to be guaranteed, the following work needs to be undertaken:

  • Each one of the 50 workspaces needs to be fitted with a network cable and a low-voltage power line. Alongside network cables, the office also needs to have a WiFi network.
  • Meeting and focus rooms have to be equipped with overhead projectors.
  • An access control system needs to be installed for access to the building.
  • The lighting should be adapted to the environment.
  • The shades (blinds) have to be electrically operated.

To make this a reality, both high- and low-voltage power lines need to be installed. Since this is a conversion, both the false ceiling and the false floor need to be opened up, and components like switches, plug sockets and the like have to be both stripped and installed. Meanwhile, various other installations also have to be adapted to the new circumstances.

The rules of technology have to be adhered to, meaning an initial inspection must be carried out by the assembly electrician and the electrical fitter.      

The team.

  • Kristijan Kamenovic, assembly electrician in the third year of training
  • Marco Veras, assembly electrician in the first year of training
  • Luigi Colazzo, practical trainer on site
  • Dani Binzegger, electrical fitter
  • Alperen Göktas, electrical fitter
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Click on the photo story to learn about the day-to-day life of an assembly electrician.

The team on site worked side by side, helping one another so that the work could be done in a quick and orderly fashion. There was also a fair amount of banter – but it’s all part of the teamwork and there’s no harm meant, Kristijan told me when he saw my surprised expression.

My very sincere thanks go to Kristijan and his colleagues in the team for allowing me to accompany them through their working day. All that’s left to add is fingers crossed and good luck in your QV, Kristijan!

“I enjoy working at cablex. The team is cool and we work well together. We help each other and get each other out of tricky situations. I know that my colleagues like me, and that really motivates me", says Kristijan Kamenovic, assembly electrician in his third year of training.

“It’s really fun to train the young specialists and to pass on my knowledge. The trainee’s genuine interest is the foundation for good basic training, however. Unfortunately, every now and again trainees don’t show their best sides – and then I act accordingly. It’s very important to me that trainees knuckle down, watch the work going on and involve themselves in the thought processes. I want them to learn something from me!", says Luigi Colazzo, practical trainer.

“Training in the field of assembly electrics is varied, interesting and challenging. Every day is different, so self-discipline plays a major role in success. Training as an assembly electrician represents a solid basis for further training after completion of the vocational course, since the range of possibilities for our area of specialisation is perhaps greater than for any other profession. At the same time, good specialists are in great demand in the industry. I also think that working as an electrician is a good training ground for life. The very diverse characters and the interaction on site fosters humanity, tolerance and empathy. Alongside that, it’s not enough to just think inside the box. Cooperation with the different professions involved and basic knowledge of their activities is indispensable”, says Michael Matzinger, vocational trainer of assembly electricians in Zurich.

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