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09/07/2021  /  Martina Strazzer

Business POS system for SMEs.

Serving our customers on the go.

On behalf of Swisscom, cablex provides on-site support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for every step of the installation and in the setup of the digital POS solution "Business POS". SMEs gain a comprehensive sales register system that supports them digitally in all stages of work, including warehouse management, invoicing, customer interaction and customer loyalty.

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"With the launch of the Business POS solution in Switzerland, Swisscom took an important step into the digital world as a partner. For me as a cablex technician, I'm really happy to be involved in this step." 

Digital POS solution.

There's a great deal of market demand. Around 100,000 small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland have a point of sale, i.e. a shop, which needs to be equipped with a comprehensive POS solution. Business POS, the new digital sales register solution from Swisscom for food outlets, service providers and retailers, supports customers on their journey into the digital world. This includes an internet connection, telephony, collaboration solutions, managed services, IT outsourcing and IT security, up to and including the extensive digitisation of the point of sale (POS) – with on-site service and telephone support in three languages.

Three different POS devices are available to choose from:

  • Mobile POS terminal (enforeDonner) with large touch screen
  • POS Terminal (enforeDasher) with 14" full HD touch screen and integrated receipt printer
  • Sturdy POS terminal (enforeComet) with glare-free 14" full HD touch screen

No. 1 in the service business.

Consulting and service quality at cablex are paramount. Fast installation and seamless fault processing are a given for us! Our extensive expertise in home networking, our many years of experience dealing with SMEs, and our superbly qualified team of technicians mean we can support our customers and ensure their full satisfaction.

Nine field service technicians currently support the Business POS systems. Three people from the East region, two from the Central region, three from the West region and one from the South. We are looking forward to finding out how the product proves itself in the market. If the forecast turns out as expected, more cablex employees will be trained. The 24/7 hotline will be operated by Swisscom and offers comprehensive user support.

From the pilot to go-live.

Such an extensive product launch by Swisscom has to be well prepared so that the implementation works without any problems. Before the commercial launch on 1. June, 2021, the offer was piloted with customers from the catering and retail trades as well as providers of personal services, and was further developed with the supplier enfore.

Reto Baschera, head of SME at Swisscom on the subject:
"Thanks to digital payment solutions and online stores, the potential for digital options is far from exhausted. As providers of telecommunications and IT services, we fully understand SMEs and can simply provide them with access to digitisation opportunities."

Our task in the field.

Our technical team's range of tasks includes:

  • Assessing the situation when collecting the material at the logistics site and checking whether everything is in place for the commissioning of the POS incl. accessories
  • Initial configuration of the ordered devices incl. accessories as well as activation of the business account
  • Initial training/induction of customers on the software's various modules
  • Testing the backup and remote connection
  • Test run of the new POS solution
  • System handover to end customers and final report to Swisscom

Quote from Edvin Caminada, Service Specialist at cablex:

"With the launch of the Business POS solution in Switzerland, Swisscom took an important step into the digital world as a partner. For me as a cablex technician, I'm really happy to be involved in this step. My job is to intuitively explain and hand over the new solution to the customers in each company in a clear and understandable way.

Timing and being in tune with the customers is very important here. On the one hand, I don't want to overburden them during the very intense brief training session, but they also need to be in a position to use the POS solution straight after our visit. Thanks to the close cooperation with Swisscom, it's no problem though."

This reference project once more demonstrates that we are the right partner when it comes to providing reliable and committed support to our customers.

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