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19/08/2020  /  Larissa Mihalik

Congratulations to this year's graduate apprentices!

Great performance!

16 learners have been the proud owners of a Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency for several weeks now. They have successfully completed their apprenticeship and can now get started with their careers. We're delighted that the majority of the graduate apprentices will continue dedicating themselves to cablex.

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Impressions of our graduates 2020.

This year, our graduates had to wait a long time until the federal government finally decided that, due to the coronavirus, the written and oral exams in the 'general knowledge' and 'professional knowledge' qualification areas would not take place and that the practical exams would be held to a reduced extent. 

Graduates Etienne Gähwiler and Dinis Leal Rodrigues cited this as a clear advantage, as it meant they could fully prepare for the final exam. However, this wasn't as easy as it sounds. The COVID-19 restrictions meant that the lessons at the vocational schools were moved to 'home office' at precisely the point when learners would be normally be preparing for the final exams together. A huge amount of personal responsibility and self-discipline was therefore required this year. Etienne and Dinis told us what they thought of the qualification process.

Special circumstances for Etienne.

Things were especially difficult for Etienne from St. Gallen. The eighteen-year-old is diabetic and was not allowed to work for a period of eight weeks. He had to prepare from home during the exam phase. This was an additional burden for Etienne, as the practical work outdoors is the most important of all.  For this reason, he spent a month mostly alone in a warehouse preparing and took the opportunity to run through the exam with his vocational trainer Simon Forster.

There were also restrictions for Etienne during the exam itself. He had to wear a mask for eight hours (excluding lunch break) and maintain a safety clearance of two metres (which was enforced at the time). Etienne says that wearing the mask already became unpleasant after half an hour, as one sweats under it and can smell one's own breath. He was, however, able to solve the problem on the second exam day by wearing the mask for two hours at a time and then taking a 15 minute break.

The practical tasks at remote locations were the highlight of the apprenticeship for him. He got the most out of these moments at the end of the day. Etienne will continue to work for cablex after completing his apprenticeship.

We hope you enjoy your practical work.

The graduate from Freibourg, Dinis Leal Rodrigues, found that only having to sit the final practical exam was an advantage, as he found the practical work easier than the theoretical assignments. When asked as to whether there are any differences between French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland, he said that the training was identical: there are joint courses (inter-company courses) for all network electricians in Vaud as well as Bern. For Dinis, the best part of the training was working outdoors in a team.

He enjoys the work much more when there is a good atmosphere in the team. 

Dinis is looking forward to continue working as a network technician for cablex in Freibourg.

cablex warmly congratulates all graduate apprentices on successfully completing their training. We are very proud of their performance and wish them all the best for the professional and personal future.

Network electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) with a focus on telecommunications.

  • Biniam Lueul
  • Alessandro Vignale
  • Adam Derungs
  • Etienne Henri Gähwiler
  • Kevin Gleichweit
  • Frederico Carvalho dos Santos
  • Joao Cardoso
  • Toni Markov
  • Tomislav Vukovac
  • Feriz Aliaj
  • Emir Verem
  • Valentin Jérémie Bandelier
  • Dinis Filipe Leal Rodrigues
  • Altin Morina

Electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ).

  • Carlos Moreno

Assembly electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ).

  • Kevin Berger
    Kevin will now undertake the additional two-year training as an electrician.

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