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27/04/2020  /  Martina Strazzer

Corona protective measures during customer visits.

Visiting the customer with the necessary protective equipment is also part of everyday life for our Field Service employees during the corona crisis. A little effort can have a big impact. By following the protective and hygienic measures recommended by the FOPH and correctly using the protective equipment provided by cablex, we can not only protect our customers but also our colleagues.

If cablex receives a fault report, it must be clarified exactly prior to the customer visit whether there is a sick person at the respective site or whether a coronavirus infection is suspected. This affects both private households as well as companies. If the answer is yes, the service technician will carry out the fault repair up to the handover point (UP).  

The short film shows the preparatory work for each customer visit with the proper protective equipment. These protective devices are stored in the vehicle and are always ready for use.

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The correct application of corona protection measures during customer visits.

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