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24/05/2018  /  Denise Schneider

Thanks to complaints on site visit.

Elvira Baumann, who has worked for Swisscom for over 30 years, was very disappointed, because her mother's connection was offline for over a week and nothing was being done. She rightly sent a complaint by e-mail. While we at cablex were unable to make up for inconvenience caused, we were able to show her what it means to resolve a problem. We therefore invited her to join Jan Rudolf (cablex measurement technician) in her region of Chur.

The fault was due to a MicroCan in Domat/Ems, where one of the two power lines had a short-circuit. The MicroCan converts signals from optical fibre to copper and is used in Fibre-to-the-Street (FTTs). To supply the MicroCan with power, an operating voltage of 380V is applied to certain wires of the existing telephone cable that runs from the exchange to the MicroCan, the so-called power line.

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I really enjoyed taking Elvira along so she could see how we work.

She was really interested and also helped. At the end of the day, she was happy to be able to return the office, though.

After talking to her, it became clear that the main problem in relation to repairing the fault affecting her mother was the communication. She had not been informed about the next steps. We have now forwarded this information internally. Thanks Elvira for the constructive feedback!

Denise Schneider
Communications Specialist.

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