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11/06/2020  /  Martina Strazzer

Faster and broader data highway at Lucerne railway station.

5G in-house installation.

At the beginning of 2020, cablex started to perform 5G in-house installations for various customers. The focus throughout Switzerland has initially been placed on Swisscom shops and railway stations. Plans then envisage moving on to shopping centres and football stadiums. The 4x4 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology used results in an enormous increase in speed and capacity.

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The installation of the 5G hotspot enables 5G technology to be used throughout the entire station concourse in Lucerne.

In April 2020, the first Swiss 5G in-house installations were put into operation in the Swisscom shop in Lucerne railway station and in the Lucerne station concourse.

5G hotspot in Lucerne railway station.

A 5G hotspot on the NR35 band (New Radio, 3500 MHz) was set up at Lucerne station. A 100 MHz bandwidth is available to Swisscom in this frequency band, resulting in a data highway five times faster and broader than with 4G LTE technology. A data throughput of 1.17 Gbit/s has already been measured and documented at this 5G hotspot. With future mobile phones, the speed will increase up to 10 Gbit/s.

The 5G hotspot was installed using conventional coaxial cables. This means that, from the mobile communication hardware (Ericsson Radio System), the mobile communication signals are transmitted via four coaxial cables to the passive antenna. The antenna housing contains four antennas, which transmit parallel mobile communication signals.

The installation of the 5G hotspot enables 5G technology to be used throughout the entire station concourse in Lucerne. The hotspot is already being used extensively. Measurements have shown usage by up to 35 users at the same time.

Radio dots for Swisscom shops.

All Swisscom shops throughout Switzerland will be upgraded to 5G step by step. In the shops, small mobile communication transmitters, so-called "radio dots", will be used. These are supplied directly via a LAN cable from the mobile communication hardware.

The clear advantage of this technology is that the standard category 6 building cabling can be used in the buildings. Just like with WLAN. However, the transmission power of 250 mW is much smaller and comparable with that of WLAN or DECT telephones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications). This system variant is therefore ideal for offices or larger premises.

A 5G in-house installation brings the network of the future directly into buildings, where users can benefit from this modern technology. The high network speed enables digital data to be exchanged between two end devices in a very short period of time. This is particularly important in railway stations, where thousands of commuters spend time every day and communicate by mobile phone, which also makes it the right step towards the digital future.

The cablex technicians will extend the installation activities throughout Switzerland in the next few months, which means both cablex customers and users of the 5G network will be able to enjoy the numerous advantages provided by it.

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