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An interview with Luregn Hug, new Head of Traffic Technology at cablex.

In the press release of 13 February, 2019, the public was informed about the new extensive offer. But what exactly will we be doing in this area from now on? What are the next steps?

Switching from red to green, integrating this within cablex sounds like a simple Task.
Yes it does, but this is where many people have been wrong in the past. Traffic technology is a complex matter and traffic control systems are and will remain the driving impulse behind public and private transport as well as future SmartMobility solutions for a long time to come. A new area is being established within cablex for this purpose. New business areas always bring many challenges with them. The advantage, which I greatly appreciate, is that thanks to the new employees, I can count on extensive know-how and a great deal of experience in this area.

What chances do you think cablex has in this area?
As a subsidiary of Swisscom, we benefit from many synergies and a strong partner. What's more, cablex has some remarkable references. An enormous project such as the Ceneri Base Tunnel is not something anyone can execute quickly. There's a huge amount of work and know-how behind this. The course has been set and cablex can build on very good foundations – also with regard to digitisation. I therefore believe that we can now focus on swift action and market what we have achieved more broadly.

What are you initially focusing on?
For me, "concrete" is very important word. I want effective strategies, concrete measures, grounded projects and everything based on a clear vision. On the one hand, the focus for me is on the traffic technology mentioned above. But I will focus on eMobility just as much. cablex has entered into a partnership with Greenmotion and is already active in this sector. But eMobility and, thinking further ahead, SmartMobility have great potential, and this is exactly what I want to exploit. But strategies must be honed here first of all, and I am really looking forward to this task.

What is your personal challenge in relation to this Task?
I would like to prove to Daniel Binzegger, CEO of cablex, that investing in my employees, myself and in this area was worth it.

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An interview with Luregn Hug, new Head of Traffic Technology at cablex.

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