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29/06/2020  /  Athos Hochstrasser / Carolin Primerova

Modern bridge lighting in Ticino.

The new 164 m cycling and pedestrian bridge between Locarno and Ascona over the river Maggia was opened to the public a few days ago. cablex installed the lighting system for this Project.

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cablex managed to complete the bridge lighting on schedule despite the two-month Corona-related construction stop.

On the one hand, the lighting system installed by cablex involved the illuminated handrail to mark the cycling path (in picture above left) and on the other the safety lighting for pedestrians, here on the right in the picture. The pedestrian side is marked by spot LEDs. The indirect lighting of the benches is the optical highlight of the bridge.

Brief overview of the cablex work:

  • Safety lighting for the cycling path: LED handrail
  • Safety lighting for pedestrians: Spot LEDs
  • Ambient lighting: LED strips under the benches
  • Ambient lighting: Free-standing luminaires

Two factors proved to be a special challenge while laying the power cables. The first factor was the poor accessibility of the cable conduits on the inside of the bridge. The second challenge for the Infrastructure South team was laying the power cable in seven steps, in line with the assembly of the respective gangway sections.

Video: Passerella Ascona-Locarno, Officine Ghidoni SA 

In addition, coordination with the planners and bridge construction company Officine Ghidoni SA played a fundamental role in determining the assembly and wiring details of the lamps. Producing samples in the workshop allowed us to check and perfect various parts of the components in order to facilitate their installation on site/building site. 

The employees of the Infrastructure South team performed outstanding work with great commitment and availability. Suffice to say, despite the building site being closed for two months due to Covid-19, they managed to get the work done within the time frame specified by the client at the beginning of the Project. 

The second phase of the project will begin in October and is to be concluded by December 2020: This will involve construction of the traffic light system and installing the signalling for the new bus lane on the A13 bridge running parallel to the pedestrian bridge.

Formal opening of the bridge is to occur on 25 June 2020.

Client: Territorialdepartement, Canton TI
Civil engineering: Ingenieurbüro Giorgio Masotti
Electrical engineering: IM Maggia Engineering SA

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