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22/07/2020  /  Carolin Primerova

Network expansion in a mountain village – a logistical challenge.

Braunwald is located 1300 m above sea level in the southern part of the canton of Glarus. When transporting material, “the sun terrace” shows that it lives up to its name. But it is also clear that the connection of a car-free mountain village entails logistical challenges and a considerable amount of extra work.

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cablex expands the optical fibre network in Braunwald. However, the car-free village makes good logistics and planning necessary.

7,220 metres of cable weighing a total of 3,500 kilogrammes were ordered during the work preparation to be sent to the goods reloading point in Linthal. The material requirements were—also as part of the work preparation—derived from the plans for the cable route.

The employees transported the bobbins and the barrier material from the reloading point with the cable car. The material had to be reloaded a total of seven times before it reached its final destination: 

  1. delivery to the reloading point by the Brunwaldbahn station
  2. loading into the cable car
  3. unloading from the cable car
  4. loading of the transport vehicle in Braunwald
  5. unloading of the transport vehicle at the storage site
  6. transport from the storage site to the destination (loading and unloading)

Further transport.

Altogether, four major transports were necessary to implement the network expansion. Besides delivering the cable, 16 manhole covers and frames with a total weight of 12,000 kilogrammes had already been transported to Braunwald in installed. As soon as the cable has been pulled, the optical fibre material (mCANs, sleeves) will be delivered, totalling 2,500 kilogrammes. The last transport takes place in connection with the switchover. 

The project in Braunwald is happening as part of the Switzerland-wide expansion of the optical fibre network, and is being carried out the by Fibre to the Street (FTS) business unit. That way local and holiday guests will benefit from a fast Internet connection. The main cable with 288 fibres runs from the control centre in Rüti for 991 metres along the stream in the direction of Linthal (662 metres above sea level) before it finally covers an elevation difference of 600 metres up to Braunwald over slopes and meadows on a stretch that is 1042 metres long. 

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