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03/08/2020  /  Martina Strazzer

One location for all Ticino colleagues.

The Ticino team merges into one unit.

In cooperation with the social partners, cablex management has decided to merge the Bellinzona and Giubiasco locations in the Ticino region. In autumn 2020, all colleagues from Ticino will move to their new workplaces in Giubiasco.

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Giubiasco as a shared future location for all cablex employees in Ticino.

The cablex year of transformation is progressing continually, and one of the central themes of this project is the future building strategy. The new "Organisation 2021" will lead to moves and realignments within the business units. The goal of our management team is to ensure all employees have optimum working conditions at the beginning of next year, and of course, this includes having a suitable workplace.

The company is working intensively on the new building strategy and its implementation over the coming years. Aspects such as regional focus, cooperation, costs and attractiveness play a major role here. The employees concerned will be informed promptly about any future changes.

The Bellinzona and Giubiasco locations are to be merged by 1 November, 2020. As a result of this, all 172 Ticino colleagues (office and field staff) are now linked to the Giubiasco location.

What advantages will the merger bring for Ticino?

Ticino is a small Swiss region, which has some priority topics that differ to those in German-speaking Switzerland. This makes it all the more important for Team South, consisting of former specialists from Swisscom (CFS) and long-standing cablex employees, to have a joint location, which will enable them to exchange information more effectively.

The merger will provide numerous advantages. The cultures of the two former divisions will be merged and communication will be significantly simplified due to the shorter decision-making paths. What's more, the improved use of synergies will result in increased efficiency for the region as a whole. Our customers will likewise benefit from the advantages of this single location. All contact persons will continue to be available in Giubiasco and will be able to deal with topics across business units quickly and conclusively.

Why was the Giubiasco location chosen?

The location in Giubiasco can be adapted in line with our future needs with minimal effort and costs. Forty two cablex employees are already working at this location and it meets our requirements.

The former location in Bellinzona is only 15 minutes away from Giubiasco, so the journey to work will not be significantly longer due to the move. The location can be reached very easily by car and sufficient parking spaces are available. For all those colleagues who travel to work by public transport, the railway station is just a ten-minute walk away.

In future there will be 64 office workspaces available in Giubiasco. These include many mobile workplaces that are used by field staff. What's more, one large and one small meeting room, four focus rooms and a lounge will be also be provided. A warehouse is also integrated into the premises.

The workspaces will be divided according to business unit or arranged in such a way that those areas that are related to each other in terms of work technology remain together.

How is the move going to be organised?

The move is being organised by the Business Excellence business unit, which is responsible for the central management of the locations as well as the office and warehouse space. Supervisors are involved in the planning activities as well, to ensure the requirements of all colleagues are met. As soon as the new premises are ready for occupancy, the relocation activities can begin. The daily business will not be affected by this.

Daniele Lancini, Site Manager at Giubiasco, is also very pleased that all Ticino colleagues will be united on 1 November, 2020:

"The countdown for the merger has begun. The executive management of cablex and the social partners have agreed to the move of CFS employees from Palazzo Botta in Bellinzona to the current headquarters of cablex in Giubiasco. This merger will help with the continuous expansion of our capabilities, enabling us to secure a strong position in the Ticino market. A quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe reads: 'One must unite, not simply to be united, but to achieve something together.'"

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