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10/03/2021  /  Martina Strazzer

One topic – three heads.

First impressions of cablex.

Over the last few months, we've reported a lot about the successful integration of the Customer Field Service division into the cablex structure. However, new colleagues have also been diligently trained in other business units to help shape the future of cablex.

When it comes to achieving any company's worthwhile goals, people remain at the heart of all activities. The company's interests cannot be represented without the commitment of each and every one of us. We asked three colleagues who started at cablex last year what they think of their new employer.

The three colleagues, Sacha Weissen, Pascal Sutter and Stefan Kläy introduce themselves in the video. We asked each of them different questions and gave them a little quiz to finish. In the quiz, they gave their answers without speaking, using only thumb signals. We'll leave you to see the result for yourself.

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