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12/04/2021  /  Martina Strazzer

PTP distribution box completely destroyed by an accident!

Thanks to the great teamwork of all colleagues involved, cablex was able to get all 80 affected customers in Stalden near Sarnen in the canton of Obwalden back online within 48 hours.

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Our colleagues’ dedicated deployment, to which they gave a lot of heart and soul, provides an insight into our "troubleshooting" work, which is almost a daily occurrence these days.

What happened?

At the end of March 2021, on a Monday night shortly after midnight, a drunk driver caused a single-vehicle accident. He drove off the roadway, crossed the oncoming lane, crashed into a metal fence and then into a PTP distribution box (primary transmission site). This caused an internet and telephone outage in the immediate surroundings. The driver was not harmed in this accident.

We acted immediately.

This incident was classified as a major fault, as 80 Swisscom customers in the vicinity were affected. Our on-call employees in Field Services, Maintenance received the fault report directly.

An inspection of the site was organised immediately. This happened so quickly that the police were still busy securing and documenting the accident site when the cablex team arrived. A solution had to be found immediately, as the PTP distribution box was completely destroyed. The team came up with the idea to set up a container as a temporary solution.

No sooner said than done! This idea was implemented immediately and the material was ordered to restore the Internet and telephone network as quickly as possible. A permit for the trench excavation was already obtained the following day. The container and the required distribution equipment were delivered, the power connection was provided and the cablex installation team were put into position.

Teamwork from A-Z.

The on-site installation team consisted of:

  • two cable laying teams with a focus on copper cable laying,
  • one cable laying team with a focus on optical fibre installation,
  • two Field Services technicians, Mass Market unit, for the transfer and
  • two Field Services technicians, Core Business unit, to install the equipment in the container.

The work was smoothly coordinated and a temporary distribution box was available in the container 48 hours after the accident. All 80 Swisscom customers were once again supplied with Internet and telephone services.

All's well that ends well! The temporary distribution box will be dismantled as soon as the wagon shed storing old agricultural vehicles, which was also damaged in the single-vehicle accident, is repaired or the landowner decides on a future use for the site.

Our colleagues’ dedicated deployment, to which they gave a lot of heart and soul, provides an insight into our "troubleshooting" work, which is almost a daily occurrence these days. Such rapid service deployments to our customers can only be handled professionally and smoothly as a team.

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