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15/06/2020  /  Carolin Primerova

Road Safety Day.

The employees of cablex have to deal with the issue of safety every day on their construction sites in rail or road traffic, in tunnels, on pavements or on busy roads. Their work does not start with the installation of a traffic light system, for example, but earlier on, as they also have to ensure the construction sites are safe -  for their own protection and that of all road users.

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As a partner of Siemens Mobility, cablex takes over the conversion of the outdoor installations and replacement of the control units. This means that cablex realises its first big project in this new traffic engineering line of business. 

cablex will replace 200 control units in the city of Zurich by 2024 and renew around 2800 traffic lights and tactile buttons with vibration at pedestrian crossings. Many of the traffic junctions where the work is being carried out are located at busy intersections. In order to ensure the greatest possible safety for employees and road users, and also to avoid disrupting the flow of traffic, work on these traffic signals is often carried out late in the evening and during the night.  

The cablex teams receive special training on how to secure the construction site area and install the required signals and signs. Compliance with these requirements is strictly monitored by team leaders and supervisors. Furthermore, at complex junctions, traffic controllers are used to monitor and control road traffic.

Into a secure future with renewable energies and smart concepts.

cablex also defines its objectives within the area of transport technology with a focus on new technologies and intelligent energy management concepts. 

Electric mobility is part of our everyday life. The eMobility concept of cablex offers the right charging infrastructure for every customer. The optimal use of renewable energies for charging electric vehicles is just as much a part of the concept as the CorPark parking reservation system. Those drivers who know they will find a pre-reserved parking space at their destination will drive more calmly and safely.

Luregn Hug.

Head of Traffic & eMobility.

The charging infrastructure is always part of a comprehensive energy management solution, which integrates photovoltaics, storage and much more. With our maxim "beyond eMobility!", we are committed to providing a holistic view of your energy balance. Our solutions are geared towards providing you with the greatest possible investment security combined with cost-sensitive energy optimisation.

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