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05/08/2020  /  Larissa Mihalik / Carolin Primerova

The moment you achieve your goal…

Top marks for graduates of the network electrician apprenticeship.

Of the numerous apprentices in Switzerland who completed their apprenticeships as network electricians in July 2020, two from the ranks of cablex managed to stand out from the crowd.‑ Toni Markov gained the best marks in Switzerland with a grade of 5.7. With a final grade of 5.3, Tomislav Vukovac shared first place in the Canton of Zurich with two other graduates as the best network electrician with a Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency. Behind the extremely good achievements of this new generation are very personal motivations and the realisation that it is never too late to dedicate yourself to something.

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They set themselves targets and achieved them. cablex is proud of its top Swiss graduates and takes its hat off to such great motivation.

This year, almost everything is different to how it normally is – including the examinations forming part of the qualification process for telecommunications network electricians. Everyone was aware that the coronavirus pandemic would have an impact on how the examinations were carried out. In mid-April it was decided: The written examinations in the qualification field of general education would not take place, the final grade would be determined using course grades, and the practical examinations would take place with a reduced scope.

Good or even excellent grades are something to be proud of. That goes without saying, yet they are basically just numbers. What really counts is how Tomislav and Toni have taken advantage of their opportunities for professional development, and what reasons formed the motivation for their top performance. The qualification in the field of network electronics with a focus on telecommunications will now open up diverse opportunities for them to really accelerate their career with cablex.

"Having a diploma in your pocket is what it takes nowadays to get on professionally,"

says 29-year-old Tomislav Vukovac, who graduated successfully from the network electronics apprenticeship in summer 2020.

His back-story: After leaving school, Tomi failed to find an apprenticeship position that suited him. Luckily, he got the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship with cablex. As Tomi was reliable and his work was good, a few years later cablex offered him the chance to train as a network electrician.

Tomi seized this opportunity immediately, as his goal was clear: He wanted to acquire a Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency as a network electrician, as he enjoyed the work, was interested in new technologies and was attracted by the good career prospects on offer. "I am very glad that I dared to take this step. With the right motivation and a strong will, you can achieve a great deal," he says.

In the future, he can envisage training apprentices himself or even becoming a vocational trainer. From 2022, for all network electricians with at least three years of professional experience there will be an opportunity to qualify as a telecommunications network specialist in a two-year further-education course. From 2026, vocational further education leading to the title of "master" will also exist. Tomi can certainly imagine pursuing this path.

Vocational trainer Ante Gojevic recognised Tomislav's strengths very early on: "He always attracted very positive attention in the inter-company courses, also known as the ÜKs. This is one of the reasons why Tomislav will be deployed as an expert for training in the ÜKs in the future. That way, he can pass on his knowledge, experience and motivation to others." In the interview he describes the qualities that make a good apprentice and gives further interesting insights.

Good interim results as an incentive to become even better.

Toni Markov, who finished top of his year, also decided to complete another apprenticeship three years ago. In 2015 he took part in a splicing course, afterwards working at cablex on a temporary basis until he gained a permanent position on 1 January, 2017. In the same year, he began his training as a network electrician with a focus on telecommunications. His former instructor from the splicing course, Hans-Rudolf Schöni, is now Toni's vocational trainer. He was also the one who encouraged Toni to train as a network electrician.

Hailing from Macedonia, Toni initially had concerns about whether his German skills would be sufficient – but his discipline and his ambition paid off: During the first year of the apprenticeship, he passed all his exams with a grade of 5.0 or better. Motivated and inspired by his good results, he raised his sights even higher: He wanted to get even better grades. And he managed that too! At the end of his training, he passed all exams with grades of 6.0.

For Hans-Rudolf, it was clear that there were no obstacles to successful graduation. It was now just a matter of keeping up the good work! Just over a month ago, Toni received the results from his practical examination and is very proud to be the best in the year.

When speaking to Toni Markov, it is clear that he considers one of the secrets behind his good final examination to be his vocational trainer, who prepared him for the qualification process examination extremely well. When questioned about this, his vocational trainer, Hans-Rudolf Schöni, says the following:

"Toni has strong willpower and is very disciplined; the only barrier was language. Since Toni's native language is not German, he first had to improve his linguistic skills and so wasn’t able to start his apprenticeship until the following year. During his apprenticeship he was able to improve his German enormously, partly thanks to lessons at school. Toni's desire to learn and his motivation were definitely crucial! Had Toni not had the necessary ambition, my help alone wouldn’t have been enough."

It is clear to us that both aspects are required at all times: dedicated students and vocational trainers who sometimes take their protégés under their wing.

As you can see, what lies behind the results is much more important than the certificate itself. cablex enabled both young men to complete their training, and they took advantage of this opportunity. Thanks to their ambition, they now have a Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency and are equipped for a successful future.

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