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18/02/2021  /  Carolin Primerova

Thrust boring by cablex.

For most of us, hearing the words "drilling" or "minimally invasive", probably makes us think about our last visit to the dentist... But that's not what we're talking about here! We're referring to the Infrastructure Unit's latest achievement in the civil work segment.

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Pulling in metres of cable pipe without extensive digging work? cablex's specialists make this possible with the thrust boring method.

The new thrust boring machine had barely just arrived at the cablex civil work site in Unterentfelden before it was given its first task: the SBB needed a track undercrossing to be drilled in Stabio, Ticino. The work was coordinated on site by three specialists in infrastructure construction. The borehole underneath the tracks had a diameter of 180 millimetres and spanned a distance of 15 metres. Including assembly and dismantling, the assignment was completed within four days.

The acquisition of the thrust boring machine has not only expanded cablex's civil work (CWO) fleet, the civil engineering specialists' portfolio is also expanding with it: Now, track and road undercrossings, building entry points and manhole connections can be implemented in an almost "minimally invasive" manner with thrust boring. This is true for boreholes with a diameter of 150 to 600 millimetres.

Many advantages for our customers.

The best thing about thrust boring is that it has many advantages to offer our customers: The thrust boring machine's navigation is so precise that it can even drill between already existing work lines. This means that the machine can also be used in housing estates or in an urban environment. The soil at the surface and below is not deformed by the drilling. Consequently, repair work is only required in the area of the starting pit and the reception pit.

As soon as the thrust boring machine has reached its destination, a cable protection tube can be fed in while the thrust bore tube is pulled back. This drilling method is therefore efficient, precise and perfect for road, rail or pedestrian traffic. The flow of traffic can be guaranteed at all times. 

Areas of application.

  • Road undercrossings
  • Track undercrossings
  • Undercrossings below bodies of water
  • Manhole connections
  • Building entry points

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact @Samuel Schaffner, head of cablex's civil work team.

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