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20/12/2021  /  Larissa Mihalik

ICC TEL 3 – the last industry-wide training course before the qualification process.

Colour blindness is a no-go as a network electrician.

The third-year network electrician apprentices met at the BKW training centre in Kallnach in November 2021. There, they went full throttle once again in the industry-wide training course (ÜK) and fired questions at the trainers on site.

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We wish all the network electrician apprentices every success in the qualification process next year.

A total of 24 network electrician apprentices specialising in telecommunications attended the third industry-wide training course. Apprentices from all over Switzerland came together in Kallnach. In order to give apprentices from all language regions in Switzerland the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge once again before the final qualification process, several courses are being held. In total, two German-language courses, one French-language course and one Italian-language course are taking place, covering four training days each.

Practical work.

The topics tackled in ÜK TEL 3 followed on directly from the contents of the second training course. The course dealt with basic optical fibre knowledge. Training was given in the use of FTTx technology and single fibre management. The laying and installation of optical fibre cables were the main focal points. The emphasis was on FTTH (Fibre to the Home) technology, for which each apprentice was provided with a simulation wall with an integrated OTO (Optical Telecommunication Outlet) socket. This wall allowed the apprentices to practise how to splice the cables into the outlet (OTO), the distributor (BEP) and the main distributor (OMDF). Of course, work during the course is not completely comparable with work in real everyday working life.

The house junction boxes (BEP) and the OTO sockets are usually difficult to access, especially in old buildings. What's more, there are other aspects such as the weather or the situation on site that can have an influence on the work. The focus of the training course is always on practical work, so that all actions are right later on when working on a building site.

Did you know?

As a network electrician, you must not be colour blind. Protective gloves must be worn for many types of work. You weren't aware of this? The network electrician apprentices explain it all.

Great development from ÜK 1 to ÜK 3.

cablex is responsible for the overall organisation of the industry-wide courses. The training itself was conducted in Kallnach by our long-standing partner companies Netcom AG, Diamond SA and Mesomatic AG. René Leimgruber, Training Specialist, and Philipp Schröder, Vocational Trainer and Trainer for Specialist Courses, supervise the courses in Kallnach for cablex and maintain an overview. Philipp Schröder says: "It is always nice to see how the apprentices have developed by the time they reach the third industry-wide training course."

We wish all the network electrician apprentices every success in the qualification process next year.

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