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31/08/2021  /  Carolin Primerova

cablex employees with an inventive spirit.

At cablex, progress and constant ongoing development have a high priority. Existing processes are repeatedly scrutinised across all business areas, in terms of their technical standards, efficiency and potential. "Curiosity" is one of the four values that cablex upholds.

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"Curiosity" is one of the four values that cablex upholds. We also associate curiosity as a value alongside inventiveness. 

We also associate curiosity as a value alongside inventiveness. By dint of their craftsmanship, smart ideas and commitment to their teams and the company, cablex employees have developed things that enrich working lives enormously.

cablex will install around 300 digital pillars across Switzerland in 2021 for SBB. Just thinking about lifting these large displays from the delivery vehicle and moving them safely to their destination on the platform is enough to make you break a sweat. Our experts recognised this as a problem, and so came up with two special designs: The lifting device and transport frame have already been used successfully in the project.

Developing a lifting device for a digital pillar.

The lifting device is designed to be attached to a wheel loader. The brackets on the arms of the lifting device can be screwed to the display. This ensures total flexibility in terms of manoeuvrability at all times. This is particularly an advantage if the display is to be positioned onto foundations.

Customisation of a transport frame.

Transporting the pillar onto the site was challenging at some of the smaller stations. In the narrow passageways onto the platforms, steering the wheel loader was work that needed millimetre-sharp precision. To this end, SIDs project leader Bruno Fenaroli designed a rollable frame, and had it made. Securely stowed in the housing, the pillar can, in this way, be moved, even on stations with curved or narrow ramps.

Two more ideas came from our Field Services Team. Field services expert Roger Wüst is the inventor – although he is very modest in his description of himself: "I didn't actually invent anything, I just adapted it for my needs." But what is the "it"?

Are you still rolling or are you pulling?

Roger was annoyed that there was no suitable dispenser for the small cable drums used for in-house installations. To this end, he simply built himself a small roll-off trestle. "My colleagues put a screwdriver into the central hole on each side of the cable drum, and the two of them unroll it. Thanks to my homemade uncoiler, I can now easily just pull on the fibre." Another advantage, according to Roger, is that you no longer get splinters from the wood.

No more tangled cables.

But Roger also had another idea: "With the transfer wire, the two round cardboard plates on the sides tend to fall off when the spool is used a lot. Then the whole cable reel falls apart, creating a huge tangled mess." Roger had the right idea here too: "I built a wooden spool to replace the cardboard plates. This allows the cable spool to be completely unwound right to the end."

These small inventions, which are invaluable for day-to-day work, show that ongoing development at cablex does not only take place at a digital level. Passion for the job, committed thinking and the motivation to tackle and improve things are what make constant progress possible.

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