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27/01/2021  /  Carolin Primerova

cablex makes Prime Tower 2 shine for Swisscom.

The 126-metre-high Prime Tower in Zurich is already being called the emblem of Zurich West Business Park. Swisscom has rented offices on the fifth and sixth floors of the Prime Tower 2. It has commissioned its subsidiary cablex with the electrical installations – a major project with great potential for the future.

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In Tower 2, cablex installs high- and low-voltage power supply, lighting and audio, video and security systems for Swisscom.

Dort, wo Marktsegmente immer weiter erschlossen werden, bietet sich auch Potenzial, den Kundenstamm zu erweitern. Die Business Unit Infrastrukture (INF) freute sich im Sommer 2020 über den Zuschlag für das erste grosse Projekt im Segment Gebäudeinstallation im Raum Zürich. Auftraggeber ist die Swisscom AG. Das Aushängeschild könnte im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes nicht grösser sein. Der Ausbau der Prime-2-Etagen fünf und sechs ist derzeit in vollem Gange, und cablex ist stolz, in diesem stylischen und topmodernen Wahrzeichen des Züricher Business-Areals Spuren zu hinterlassen.

cablex’s longstanding involvement with infrastructure construction has given it extensive experience in the installation of high- and low-voltage power supply as well as lighting and audio, video and security systems. Its infrastructure projects mainly take place in the field of road and rail; clients include FEDRO and the SBB. However, when it comes to building installations, cablex can already cite projects such as Business Park Ey 10 in Ittigen as valuable references.

Hence it can supply its parent company, Swisscom, with extensive expertise and the experience of its employees for the installations in Prime 2.

A strategic decision.

The decision to bid in the tender was made at the highest business level in the summer of 2020 and was strategically justified. Above all, cablex was keen to take on a major building installation project for its parent company in the Zurich region. In addition, the Executive Board wanted to make sure that the INF unit had enough to keep it busy until the end of the year. cablex’s efforts to position itself even more strongly in this segment in the future constituted another significant argument.

The job was planned for completion in four and a half months – a very tight timeframe for a project of this size. The short deadline presented the project team with logistical challenges. Immediately after the award was received, the materials were ordered; there was now no time to lose. Up to 15 cablex employees worked in Prime Tower 2 every day, in addition to specialists from other trades.

In the age of Covid, what would normally be common practice poses challenges for all involved: with so many professionals on site, discipline and mutual respect is required from everyone to ensure that the strict protection requirements are met.

A good place for trainees.

apprentices at cables are also benefiting from the installation work in Prime Tower 2: The extremely extensive and versatile nature of the building installations allow our young employees to acquire a lot of relevant knowledge for their training and examinations in one place. Therefore, this high-rise project not only provides an attractive reference, it also has strategic and educational advantages as well.

Completion of the work is planned for February 2021.

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