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Rely on our knowledge and experience in the construction of high-performance building
technology, industrial electrical engineering and secure, high-performance ICT networks.

What can we offer government and enterprises?

Consulting services, planning, project management.

Consulting services, planning, project management.

Our engineers and specialists will advise you from the design phase through to the detailed project planning. Whether we provide just some of the services in a project, or act as a general contractor, we manage construction sites and projects and, as the contractor, keep you informed about the progress being made and milestones reached.



As a general contractor, we are able to handle your projects from start to finish.

Project/construction management and preparatory work.

Project/construction management and preparatory work.

We handle the entire project and site management. Our professional production engineering allows us to optimise project times and order materials and resources on time so that your projects are managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Electrical engineering.

Electrical engineering.

We install high and low voltage installations, taking the specific requirements and the current standards and guidelines into account. Our specialists know their stuff – from low-voltage supply, emergency lighting, power and heating installations through to access control and fire alarm systems.



Whether it’s general building site cable connections using copper or fibre optic cables, communication connections in production or the office, installations in data centres with the appropriate redundancy – we ensure a secure connection even under challenging conditions. When it comes to wireless networking or voice and data applications, our specialists have the appropriate equipment and know-how, and are well-equipped to complete your project successfully.



cablex is familiar with the requirements for professional networking on fieldbus and automation levels, or for the integration of individual subsystems into industrial Ethernet using secure connections. We have customer-specific solutions thanks to well-trained staff and innovative partners.


Even after a successful acceptance test, you can count on cablex. Our service engineers are available for regular maintenance work. With an on-call and standby service available throughout Switzerland, we ensure that any faults are quickly contained, rectified and documented.



cablex on-call and standby service ensures the high availability of our local service staff, and keeps downtime to a minimum in the event of faults - so that you can serve your customers well. Our service engineers are available 24/7 throughout Switzerland, depending on requirements.

Whether it's government or enterprises – we advise, plan and implement customised solutions for network construction, installation or servicing.

The complexity of planning and implementation, as well as of servicing buildings for commercial or industrial use continues to increase. cablex is familiar with the challenges, and offers customers from a range of different industries modular solutions for reliable electrical technology and a sustainable building and communication infrastructure.

Many partners – one contact.
The technical requirements for building projects vary according to the size, type of use, level of convenience required, and operating times. A growing number of participants are involved, such as owners, planners, plant operators, investors, tenants, suppliers and public authorities. The interfaces are increasingly complex and coordinating projects on this scale demands a great deal of expertise and well-qualified staff.

Quality, time and costs – the key to success.

The time and cost pressures that new buildings, refurbishment or renovation projects involve are steadily increasing. There can be no question of compromising on quality and maintenance costs need to be clearly planned and, above all, to be manageable. A tightly run project helps to measure the parameters appropriate to the jointly developed projects, to oversee the projects, and wherever necessary, to make adjustments. This prevents any nasty surprises.

"cablex is your reliable partner for consistently high quality services. We particularly value the close collaboration our partnerships allow on an operational level."

Frank Iller, Head Operations, SIX Payment Services AG (October 2015)

Reliability and security of your data networks –

for you and your customers.

We offer our customers reliable data networks that, when combined with an optimised communication infrastructure, ensure that customer data is not just securely stored in data centres, but is also available as quickly as possible. Our customers benefit from the extensive experience of our specialists in planning, implementing and servicing projects with highly sensitive data and large volumes of data, for example at data centres maintained by public authorities and projects in the financial sector.

Our customers rely on our knowledge and experience in the construction of high-performance building services, industrial electronics, and safer and more efficient data and communication networks. Whether it’s financial services, industrial operation, a large company or public authorities – cablex has many years of experience in successfully planning, implementing and servicing electrical equipment, data networks and communication infrastructures. As a general contractor with excellent contacts to system suppliers, we offer our customers time and cost efficient services from a single source. With 20 locations, we are always close to our customers, and combined with our on-call and standby service, we provide our customers with clear competitive advantages.

SIX Payment Services AG.

Service Paymentterminals.

Our role
Direct provision of services for SIX Payment Services AG’s end customers according to the Service Level Agreement. cablex is available 24/7 with a service time of less than four hours.

Installation, inspection and troubleshooting at credit card terminals belonging to SIX Payment Services AG. In addition to the technical roll-out, cablex configures the internal and device settings, including firmware.

Our order
cablex plans and handles the trouble tickets throughout Switzerland in fully digitalised form.


cablex measurements.

Service Paymentterminals.

cablex appointed field support partner to Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication

cablex AG has been awarded the maintenance contract for the FOITT’s access network consisting of routers, switches and WLAN access points from hardware manufacturer Cisco, while also managing the install, move, add and change (IMAC) operations. 

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