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Innovation in the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

Virtual Reality.

Such a large tunnel building project, like the Ceneri base tunnel, includes both challenges and chances for innovation and agility in the construction sector. Digitisation is on the move in the infrastructure sector as well. Thus, the Ceneri Base Tunnel project is also making use of the added value that can be provided by new technologies and methods. Thanks to the interdisciplinary team, open and honest error handling and the high level of motivation of the employees, we can overcome the challenges of this project with innovative ideas.

The vision is really simple – the digital mapping of the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

The benefits of such a "digital twin" are that all relevant data for training, data management, change management, maintenance and the entire lifecycle of the construction project can be recorded and stored digitally and intelligently. The cross-over was already modelled and digitised during a pilot project this year using only planning data.

Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play and experience the cross-over virtually and in all areas!

Here you can find out more about the role of cablex during the construction of the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

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Ceneri Base Tunnel.

cablex Event 25 October 2018.

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Ceneri Base Tunnel.

cablex Event 31 October 2017.

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Scene one, take one!

Plunge into the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

We’re there: The first milestone of the Ceneri Base Tunnels is in the can. The film records the handover of the detailed design (submission to the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (BAV)). Get to know Daniel Binzegger, Mathias Brand and Erich Knobel and let them take you into the Ceneri Base Tunnel. 

Act two, action!

Experience the Ceneri base tunnel.

The second episode of the film series on the Ceneri base tunnel is now online. Take a look and find out what role the company AlpTransit Gotthard AG played. What’s more, you will get some exclusive insight into the tunnel sections. Let’s head off to Ticino!

Act three, action!

A look behind the scenes of the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

What were the legal challenges? What needs to be tested? What does this project mean for AlpTransit Gotthard Company (ATG)? All these and many other questions will be answered by Domenico Ballacchino (Senior Counsel in Swisscom Group Legal Service), Andreas Zott (Head of LP4x 50Hz, cablex) and Marco Ceriani (Head of Tunnel and Track Construction and Member of the Management Board, ATG).
Let's go to the Ceneri Base Tunnel. 

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