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Safety, quality and the environment – our key focus.

Only when we complete orders and projects with in outstanding quality are we able to survive in the market in the long term. This is why cablex favours strict quality management. This involves working out processes that benefit customers and simplify our work as much as possible. All the process steps are documented and can be monitored. This ensures that the best possible quality is always delivered.

For us, quality also includes safety and the environment. As an employer, cablex assumes great responsibility for its staff, customers and the environment. We are aware of this, and have implemented a variety of systems for this reason, ensuring the safety of our staff that we do and not unduly burden the Environment.

The following ISO certifications can be verified in the SGS database.

We measure a wide range of parameters in order to serve our customers to the best of our ability.

Quality management.

Work is performed in a process-oriented and controlled way at cablex. The processes involved are designed to take all individual customer requirements into account. We continuously monitor efficiency and effectiveness, and document all the process steps from the customer and order acquisition to project completion in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.


The environmentally sound procurement, storage, use and disposal of materials and resources are of decisive importance for cablex.

For example, we are vigilant about separating waste, feeding reusable materials back into the recycling process, and reducing car kilometres wherever possible, and we regularly optimise our fleet with vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. Our commitment to the environment is certified by ISO 14001.


The safety of our staff is also of central importance to us.

We structured our work safety concept in accordance with EKAS 6508. Targeted training and audits ensure that hazards are identified early on and minimised by means of sophisticated prevention measures. We promote a risk awareness among each individual, implement accident prevention measures and maintain effective emergency management.

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