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27/03/2020  /  Martina Strazzer

Our specialists of tomorrow.

A look behind the scenes: network electricians.

In February 2020, the four-day industry-wide training (ÜK) for network electricians in the telecommunications sector took place. Six of the sixteen 2nd year apprentices are completing three-year apprenticeships at cablex. This part of the TEL 2 course was organised and supervised (technically) by Diamond SA along with its partner companies Netcom AG and Mesomatic Messtechnik AG. cablex monitored the courses, held in German, French and Italian, and supported students on site.

The apprentices received training in the basics of optical fibre - also referred to as fibre optic cable. The professional learning and performance objective of the branch training course was: laying, assembly and maintenance of communication and data cable systems. A short theoretical introduction was followed by practical work, which is always the main focus of these courses, in order to prepare the students for their work in the future as network electricians.

The practical work consisted of stripping and exposing the cables and preparing them for splicing. A 19" cable termination plug was assembled and connected. The excess loose tubes and reserve loose tubes were rolled up in a cable distribution box and labelled accordingly.

In the next step, a FIST splice sleeve was equipped and connected. Finally, the complete installation of a building distributor box or Budi was carried out. On the last day of training, measurement techniques and troubleshooting were covered. This allowed the apprentices to immediately carry out the corresponding quality controls on their practical work of the previous days.

We were present on the 3rd day of the course in Kallnach and gained some exciting insight. This day was dedicated to the preparation and correct splicing as well as the arrangement of the fibre bundles in the splice closure. Furthermore, the cable access points for the building distributor were prepared and the fibres were spliced and installed according to the splice plan.

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Click here for the impressions of the ÜK TEL 2.

Many thanks to the apprentices and instructors on site and the BKW Energy AG training centre in Kallnach. The day we spent observing the ÜK training was very interesting and instructive and the commitment of the budding network electricians was great!

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