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31/08/2021  /  Larissa Mihalik

Welcome, and a great start at cablex.

14 apprentices have opted for an apprenticeship at cablex.

1 August is not only Switzerland’s national holiday, but also the day when many young people start their apprenticeships. This year, we are delighted to welcome to cablex 14 new colleagues who are starting training as linesmen with a Federal VET Diploma specialising in telecommunications, electrical fitters with a Federal VET Diploma or assembly electricians with a Federal VET Diploma. Unfortunately, we were only able to recruit male career starters this year.

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An apprenticeship is not necessarily aimed only at young people; cablex offers an adult apprenticeship. Marco Gehri is making use of this offer: He is completing his apprenticeship in the Gümligen region. 

The apprenticeships for the twelve apprentices from German-speaking and Western Switzerland as well as Valais began on 1 August 2021.

In Ticino, the prospective linesmen and assembly electricians will not start until 1 September 2021. 

Facts and figures on the induction.

In the first few weeks, vocational trainers have similar tasks each year. On the “Welcome Day for apprentices”, new trainees will learn important details about cablex and will be informed about the work processes. The COVID-19 protection measures were explained and the training folder presented. 

Another fixed component of the induction programme is the topic of occupational health and safety. cablex takes a preventive approach and trains every employee in safety measures. With the trainees, particular attention is paid to this area.  After the induction day, the apprentices are placed in the care of their vocational trainers, with whom they tackle the theoretical and practical tasks of the apprenticeship.  

We wish you a successful start at cablex and are delighted that you have chosen to do an apprenticeship with us. The careers you chose as linesmen, electrical fitters and assembly electricians are the careers of the future and are in high demand on the market. Exciting years ahead await you on building sites and at the vocational school. 

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