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What kind of communication solutions do we offer our customers?

Consulting services, planning, project management.

Consulting services, planning, project management.

Our engineers and specialists support you from the design phase through to the detailed planning of your wired or wireless network. We provide you with design plans, CAPEX and OPEX calculations and create the basis for investment proposals.



As a general contractor, we are able to handle your energy and communication projects from start to finish. You can focus on your core business and do not need to acquire any other industry-specific expertise.

Project/construction management and preparatory work.

Project/construction management and preparatory work.

We handle the entire project and site management. Our professional production engineering allows us to optimise project times and order materials and resources on time so that your projects are managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Civil engineering.

Civil engineering.

Our specialists work together with local partners on civil engineering projects. That means we always have an overview of processes, requirements and guidelines, and we can guarantee quality of execution.

Cable laying and splicing work for your power and communication networks.

Cable laying and splicing work for your power and communication networks.

As the company that built the Swisscom network, we have many years of experience in network construction and with large switchovers. Thanks to our modern machine park, experienced staff and clearly defined processes, we guarantee all projects are implemented in line with costs and on schedule. Our specialists use different methods for splicing all types of cables such as copper, fibre optic and coaxial cables.



cablex on-call and standby service ensures the high availability of our local service staff, and keeps downtime to a minimum in the event of faults - so that you can serve your customers well. Our service engineers are available 24/7 throughout Switzerland, depending on requirements.

Communication networks for power providers (FTTx).

The world of telecommunication is changing. Every day, the demand for bandwidth increases because more and more people, as well as devices, are sending and receiving data.

Studies predict that new multimedia services will see a twenty-fold increase in the demand for bandwidth by 2030. To make sure this bandwidth is available for telecommunications in the future, investing in network infrastructure is essential. This is where we support you with customised life-cycle solutions.

As a cablex customer, you gain a competitive advantage because cablex supports customers from the energy industry with all future communication network construction projects, or runs services using existing network infrastructures. cablex maintains a focus on providing customers with maximum flexibility and supporting them throughout the entire value chain.

As a pioneer in fibre optics technology, cablex is well equipped for linking the power and communication networks of the future.

cablex allows you to rely on an experienced partner who can provide you with long-term support in the development of your networks. cablex has has the longest track record in Switzerland in the construction and maintenance of telecommunications networks. This is because cablex was able to build up the necessary expertise many years ago as Swisscom’s former network construction department. This benefits customers today who are looking for a professional, efficient and reliable partner for energy and telecommunication solutions.

"We are very satisfied with the FTTH services offered by cablex. The projects are always completed on time with very good quality, and the cooperation is always pleasant at all levels.“
Ynze Boomsma, Rollout Manager Telecom Stadtwerk Winterthur (May 2015)

Wie sieht der Arbeitsalltag eines Messtechnikers aus?

Dank bestens ausgebildeter Mitarbeitender ist cablex der führende Anbieter von zukunftsorientierten ICT- und Netzinfrastruktur-Lösungen. Wir setzen uns so täglich für unsere Kunden ein.

Hier geht es zu den offenen Stellen.

Stadtwerk Winterthur.

FTTH rollout.

Our role

General contractor function

  • Project management for civil engineering
  • Project management for cable technology and cable splices


  • Implementation according to requirements
  • Project experience
  • Compliance with deadlines

Our order

  • FTTH rollout
  • Overall project management, civil engineering, cable drawing, cable splicing and all related services, including material delivery.
cablex men at work

FTTH rollout.

10 000 kg of pure diesel power in action.

Find out in the latest cablex video how our "Merlo" helps us to efficiently draw cables.

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