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For the communications of the future.
We plan, construct and maintain infrastructures.
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What do we offer communication companies in the wireless segment?

Advice, planning, project development.

Advice, planning, project development.

Our engineers and specialists accompany you from the concept phase through to the detailed project planning of your wireless network. In doing so, we provide execution concepts, CAPEX and OPEX calculations, and also information that is to serve as the basis for making investment requests.



As a full service provider or general contractor, we are able to handle all of your communication projects from A to Z. You can concentrate on your core business without having to acquire any new know-how outside of your area of expertise. Our specialists also work together with local partners. This enables us to maintain an overview of the processes, specifications and guidelines, ensure the quality of execution while still guaranteeing a „regional flavour“.

Project/Construction management and preparatory work.

Project/Construction management and preparatory work.

We assume full responsibility for project and construction management, including the acquisition of sites. With professional preparation work, we optimise project schedules and reserve materials and resources early on, in order to ensure smooth, cost-optimised execution of projects.

Cabling and splicing work for the telecommunication sector.

Cabling and splicing work for the telecommunication sector.

As the builder of Swisscom’s networks, we have many years of experience in the construction of networks. Thanks to our modern pool of equipment, experienced employees and clearly defined processes, we guarantee compliance with budgets and the timely completion of all projects.

Standby and repairs.

Standby and repairs.

Even after the project has been completed, we assist you in maintaining the high quality of your network infrastructure. We offer modular service contracts, which are tailored to your specific needs. Our 24-hour standby service keeps downtime to a minimum, and we ensure a high level of reliability so that you can serve your customers optimally. If required, our service technicians are available 24x7 throughout the whole of Switzerland.



cablex on-call and standby service ensures the high availability of our local service staff, and keeps downtime to a minimum in the event of faults - so that you can serve your customers well. Our service engineers are available 24/7 throughout Switzerland, depending on requirements.

Communication connects people and things. That's why we build high-performance ICT and network infrastructures for our customers for any market requirement.

The world of telecommunications is changing. Every day, the demand for bandwidth increases because more and more people, as well as devices, are sending and receiving data. Studies predict that new multimedia services will see a twenty-fold increase in the demand for bandwidth by 2030. To make sure this bandwidth is available for telecommunications in the future, investing in network infrastructure is essential. This is where we support you with customised life-cycle solutions.

As a cablex customer, you gain decisive competitive advantages, because cablex provides support to customers from the telecommunications sector with all future network construction projects, or operates services from existing network infrastructures. cablex maintains a focus on providing customers with maximum flexibility and supporting them throughout the entire value chain. Since 2005, cablex has been working on CATV networks and has built up a great deal of in-depth knowledge. 

As a pioneer in fibre glass technology, and as the company that built up the Swisscom fibre-optics network, cablex is outstandingly equipped to deal with future challenges facing the telecommunications industry.

cablex allows you to rely on an experienced partner who can provide you with long-term support in the development of your telecommunications networks. cablex has many years of experience in the construction and maintenance of telecommunications networks all over Switzerland. This is because cablex was
able to build up the necessary expertise many years ago, as Swisscom's former network construction department. This benefits customers today who are looking
for a professional, efficient and reliable partner for telecommunication solutions. 

“We have the best network in Switzerland and offer our customers high-quality services with optimal availability. To ensure that Swisscom achieves these standards, our network construction centres on reliability, quality and flexibility. These attributes are exactly what distinguish cablex, our network construction partner. Thank you!”

Markus Reber, Head of Rollout & Access, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG(July 2015)

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Broadband expansion.

Our role
As general contractor responsible for: engineering / site acquisition and dimensioning / coordination of project execution work / infrastructure construction and modifications (energy / telecoms and public works)

The work was carried out using the same processes, interfaces and SPOC across all of Switzerland’s different language regions. A high level of efficiency was attained via centralised project management and the decentralised implementation team. A high degree of flexibility in both resources and project planning was indispensable for the rolling implementation.

Our order
To meet the increased bandwidth requirements (fast Internet, Swisscom TV, etc.) of Swisscom end customers, a project was launched to expand the transport network. It was necessary to upgrade all end customers and households within a radius of 750 m with optical fibre cable.

cablex fiber

Sunrise Communications AG.

Home Installations.

Our role
The service partner of Sunrise in the Home Installations sector.

cablex provides a four-language Service Desk for order acceptance and commissioning for Sunrise. cablex also provides a dedicated service and standby organisation that guarantees commissioning, troubleshooting and quality control at all times.

Thanks to its regional and local presence, the many years of experience cablex has in the service sector and its uniformly managed organisation throughout Switzerland, cablex is distinguished not only by its fast reaction and service times, but also by its highly professional and high-quality services.

Our order
Service commissioning, troubleshooting and quality control for Sunrise end customers for the entire range of products offered by Sunrise Communications AG. The Assurance area is divided into severity levels and is backed up by the cablex standby and on-call service.

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