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What can we offer our customers from the road transport sector?

General contracting, project management and construction management.

We provide partial services or manage major projects as a general contractor, from the planning stage to final handover to the operator. In addition, we provide the documentation for all the work performed (DAW), hold training for operating personnel and offer services for system operation.

Cable systems in a road environment.

Cable systems in a road environment.

Using our experience in building networks, we lay, splice, activate and measure copper and fibre optic cables for energy, communication and earthing systems.

Communication and measuring systems on high-capacity roads.

Well-functioning traffic management is based on up-to-date data and a quick and reliable data network. We build wireless and radio-based communication networks along high-capacity roads and optimise the utilisation of existing infrastructures. Using state-of-the-art equipment and measuring instruments, we test communication channels and put them into operation. To this end, we implement the latest traffic monitoring systems and ensure the transmission of data and images to the nearest sub-centre or main traffic control centre.

Tunnel lighting and ventilation.

High-quality lighting and ventilation systems are amongst the most important equipment in a tunnel. We supply and install the latest LED tunnel lighting with state-of-the-art group control and ventilation systems to supply fresh air, and we ensure a sufficient power supply as well. cablex collaborates with renowned system suppliers that provide all the measurements and programming work for commissioning the systems.

Fire alarms and safety systems.

In the event of an emergency, escape routes have to be clearly marked and emergency measures need to be initiated immediately. We install the fire and smoke sensors necessary for detecting any hazards, as well as the emergency lighting required for evacuation, flashing lights for emergency exits, emergency phone systems, and lighting for SOS alcoves and emergency exits in the specified fire resistance classes.

cablex takes you on a journey to a future-proof transport infrastructure.

Mobility is steadily on the increase, on both the roads and rails.
We plan, construct and maintain infrastructures for our customers to meet future mobility needs. The constantly increasing demand for capacity and the steadily increasing customer expectations require continuous expansion of rail and road infrastructures, in both public and private sectors. This challenge requires innovative and future-orientated concepts and solutions.

cablex has many years of successful experience in the planning, implementation and service of road infrastructure projects and construction sites. As a project partner with the best contacts to system suppliers, we offer our customers time and cost-efficient services from a single source. With 20 locations, we are always close to our customers. This, coupled with our 24/7 standby and on-call service, provides our customers with clear market advantages.

Safety and reliability on the roads – thanks to the right partner for network infrastructure and installation.
Strict safety regulations for roads and tunnels make sophisticated operating and safety equipment necessary. cablex has many years of expertise in road infrastructure projects and is therefore the ideal partner for installing and maintaining equipment in tunnels and on roads.

Wide-ranging standards and guidelines.
The need to ensure safety on roads, especially in tunnels, is constantly increasing because of rising traffic volumes and mobility requirements. The latest safety studies have produced standards and guidelines that call for further measures related to operating and safety equipment in the individual ASTRA sectors. Apart from additional logging, control and monitoring systems, these measures primarily include systems to help people evacuate safely. cablex has many years of experience in this area and is familiar with the latest regulations.

Higher requirements placed on systems and partners.
New legislation has also increased the requirements for system suppliers, installation companies and system operators. Transport authorities such as the Federal Roads Office (ASTRA) and cantonal civil engineering authorities are responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of facilities. We provide them with support using our extensive knowledge.

Integrated services from a single source.

Working with different system suppliers, cablex offers the supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of operating and safety equipment, especially in the ASTRA sectors covering cable systems, signalling, monitoring systems, power supply and lighting. We are by your side to provide support for your projects, from the planning phase through to final acceptance. We also provide comprehensive maintenance services for the operation of your system. Our on-call service organisation ensures a high availability of our local service staff, and keeps downtime to a minimum in the event of a system malfunction.

"Whether on rails or on the road. We'll help you to plan, to build or to maintain your transport infrastructure sustainably and reliably."
Giulio Panzera, Head of Key Account Management Transport, cablex AG

cablex wins tender for N01 motorway project.

cablex has won the tender for electrical ventilation in the Faoug-Kerzers motorway project led by the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). For the project, we co-founded ARGE CaSie with Siemens. cablex is responsible for the administrative leadership within ARGE, including project control, training and documentation, among other things. 

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10 000 kg of pure diesel power in action.

Find out in the latest cablex video how our "Merlo" helps us to efficiently draw cables.

Rely on us for your safety and security.

Protecting people and data in businesses and public authorities is increasingly the key focus of planning considerations when constructing or renovating a building. The security requirements for buildings are also growing at the same pace. cablex has many years of experience in this field and provides solutions for every need.

We enhance building safety and security by means of fire alarms, evacuation and monitoring systems as well as access control and time recording systems. Our experienced staff is familiar with the system architecture and can quickly and easily connect the systems to the central control systems.

With our cablex on-call and standby service provided by our local service staff, we can keep downtime to a minimum in the event of faults, thereby ensuring maximum availability and safety in your property.

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