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What can we offer our customers from the rail transport sector?

General contracting, project management and construction management.

Together with system suppliers, we provide partial services or manage major projects as a general contractor – from planning, coordination and installation, to commissioning, documentation and any subsequent services.

Cable networks in the railway environment.

Cable networks in the railway environment.

With our experience in network construction, we install, splice and measure copper and fibre optic cables for power, communication and earthing systems.


We have SBB-certified, experienced staff on hand who adhere to the strict safety regulations when working in areas adjacent to railways, as well as in standard operations.

Station infrastructure.

Whether it's high or low-current, open-air or underground, cablex is the ideal partner for all installations in the 50-hertz range. This includes track lighting, standard electrical installations, evacuation systems and passenger information systems.

Rail infrastructures.

Rail infrastructures.

In order to overcome the growing volume of traffic, expansion of rail infrastructures is necessary. Our many years of experience and our knowledge of the sector means we are able to guarantee new energy provision (medium and low voltage) and modernise safety systems.

Tunnel infrastructure (safety and lighting systems).

In many tunnels, operating and safety systems and measures to help rescue people are being upgraded and adapted to international standards. cablex is the partner for rail-specific installations, such as illuminated handrails and emergency and escape route lighting.


Whether it’s high availability, redundant networks for operations centres, wireless networks for security, or passenger comfort as well as radiating cables: cablex is familiar with the rail-specific requirements.

Future-proof transport infrastructure – cablex travels with you.

Mobility is steadily on the increase, on both the roads and rails.
We plan, construct and maintain infrastructures for our customers to meet future mobility needs. The constantly increasing demand for capacity and the steadily increasing customer expectations require continuous expansion of rail and road infrastructures, in both public and private spheres. This challenge requires innovative and future-orientated concepts and solutions.

cablex has many years of successful experience in the planning, implementation and service of roads and rail infrastructure projects and construction sites. As a project partner with the best contacts to system suppliers, we offer our customers time and cost-efficient services from a single source. With 20 locations, we are always close to our customers. This, coupled with our 24/7 standby and on-call service, provides our customers with clear market advantages.

Public transportation is growing at an above-average rate.
According to DETEC, passenger traffic in Switzerland is forecast to experience record growth in passenger kilometres totalling 15% to 29% between 2000 and 2030 – public transportation is expanding at an above-average rate. The required capacity expansion can only be implemented by means of major infrastructure projects and optimisation of existing infrastructures.

Increasing requirements for operations, construction and maintenance.
More and more connections at shorter intervals, longer train sizes as well as the communication needs of rail passengers all demand new solutions when it comes to the operation and maintenance of railway infrastructures. This involves uniform safety standards, investments in rolling stock and infrastructure or new entertainment and informatio

Integrated solutions from a single source.

cablex understands these challenges and is an experienced partner in the field of railway-specific infrastructure and rail technology. Together with system suppliers, we provide support to our customers when implementing projects related to transport and rail. With our on-call service standing by, we ensure a high availability of our local service staff and therefore keep any downtime to a minimum.

Whether on rails or on the road. We'll help you to plan, to build or to maintain your transport infrastructure sustainably and reliably.
Giulio Panzera, Head of Key Account Management Transport, cablex AG

We build the largest rail projects in Switzerland.

You benefit from it too.

Having been entrusted with the overall project management of the cross-city route (DML) in Zurich and the overall project management of railway technology in the construction of the Ceneri Base Tunnel, cablex has one-of-a-kind experience in planning, implementing and maintaining rail infrastructure projects. Our experienced staff are trained in all matters related to safety, and ensure cost-effective planning and execution of projects of all sizes.

DML Zurich

We build the largest rail projects in Switzerland. 

The Gotthard Base Tunnel: cablex keeps it safe.

Between March 2015 and mid-May 2015 an average of six cablex employees (electricians and fibre optic cable-splicers) installed the smoke and fire detectors in the Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT).

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Rely on us for your safety and security.

Protecting people and data in businesses and public authorities is increasingly the key focus of planning considerations when constructing or renovating a building. The security requirements for buildings are also growing at the same pace. cablex has many years of experience in this field and provides solutions for every need.

We enhance building safety and security by means of fire alarms, evacuation and monitoring systems as well as access control and time recording systems. Our experienced staff is familiar with the system architecture and can quickly and easily connect the systems to the central control systems.

With our cablex on-call and standby service provided by our local service staff, we can keep downtime to a minimum in the event of faults, thereby ensuring maximum availability and safety in your property.

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