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Augmented Reality.

cablex uses an augmented reality (AR) solution for maintenance work in the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

The purpose of the application is to display to users (maintenance or installation personnel) in the tunnel all the information they need for carrying out their tasks, in the form of a context-sensitive and user-friendly hologram. Context-sensitive means that information is represented directly on the maintenance object, showing direct spatial and semantic relations. This includes, for example, live display of the connected voltage for cable harnesses. The representation is user-friendly in that the volume of information and its graphic arrangement is designed for optimum efficiency in maintenance.

The ‘binocular optical see-through head-mounted holographic display’ is used as the AR medium. The medium (HoloLens) is wirelessly connected (e.g. through wifi) to the tunnel’s central BIM data server. Because the underlying data is the same for both AR and VR, the user experience in the two applications is similar.

The BIM data for a maintenance object, such as a control box in a tunnel cross-cut, enables the HoloLens to display each individual maintenance step precisely over the actual part in question. For example, the exact start and end sockets of a patch cable can be highlighted holographically.

Using tracking technologies, the application leads the user through the tunnel directly to the location of the actual maintenance object. As well as the positioning data for each part of the maintenance object, the application also accompanies each step by showing the necessary documentation as well as the official assignment form in PDF format. Assignment data and documentation are also available to the user through a standardised, central server on the HoloLens.

Our partner in the development of augmented solutions is Holo-Light GmbH in Munich.

Querschlag AR

CBT cross-cut switch box in augmented reality view

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