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Company number

The purpose of the company is to construct and maintain domestic networks and provide related services. It may participate in all legal transactions related to the purpose of the company, including purchasing, maintaining and selling land, borrowing and investing funds on the money and capital market, forming companies, investing in companies or otherwise cooperating with third parties. It may grant loans to its direct or indirect shareholders or other Group companies, conclude cash pooling contracts with them, and provide collateral of all kinds for their third-party liabilities. 

Legal form
Stock corporation

Board of Directors
Mario Rossi, Chairman
Christoph Aeschlimann, Leader IT, Network & Infrastructure Swisscom
Eugen Stermetz, CFO Swisscom 
Hansjörg Hess, hjh business consulting

Statutory auditors
KPMG AG (CHE-, in Muri bei Bern 

Managing Director
Daniel Binzegger

VAT number
CHE-109.087.580 VAT

Billing address
cablex AG
Invoice Center
P.O. Box 403
8901 Urdorf

Bank details
cablex AG
3050 Berne
IBAN CH43 0483 5075 9186 8100 0
Clearing no. 4835

Concept, design
sweet&sauer, Birrwil AG

Netboot, Wettingen AG

Andrea Monika Hug, Zurich
Oli Rust, Zurich

Jonas Kuhn, Zurich
Valeria Machado, Zurich
Satellite Image "Iuminous Switzerland", © 2011 blink.ch/swisstopo
Swisscom photo team

Swisscom film team

Gabriela Wassmer, Wallisellen ZH

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