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Rodent chews through supply cable

On the night of Monday, 1 November 2021 a connection was suddenly broken in the Simplon region of Valais. The cause?


Rescue from a mobile phone mast

To ensure that the rescue of an injured person from a radio mast is carried out safely and routinely, the employees are prepared for these extreme situations.


20 years of cablex – in the anniversary year 2021 there is good reason to celebrate

cablex celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 1, 2021. cablex CEO, Daniel Binzegger, answers questions and reveals, among other things, the company's recipe for success.


New data highway for Swisscom

cablex is building the new data highway for Swisscom. Nokia is a rollout and system partner.


Expert advice at the Olma

cablex advises customers at the Swisscom booth at the Olma. The focus was on questions regarding home networking.


Around 47,000 wooden poles inspected every year!

In Switzerland, especially in its rural areas, there are about 500,000 wooden overhead poles.


Data centre and TDM decommissioning—cablex on the job for Swisscom

Major project in Lucerne shows how it works.


Your partner for network infrastructure and on-site service

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