Hi everybody!

For over 20 years, cablex has been working together with you, our customers, on the best networks in Switzerland, implementing infrastructure projects, offering solutions for the digitalisation of the world of work and being ready for you every day with a broad portfolio of services. Your needs and requirements have changed over the years. That is why we also place even higher demands on ourselves and are constantly developing.

cablex is moving with the times and is starting the year 2022 with a new website. On the homepage, you will find reports, pictures and videos on many projects under News. A look at the Offer to find out more about our competencies and how we create the freedom for you to focus on your core business. Find the right contact person for your next project via our offers page and take the opportunity to network with our key account managers. After all, our business is characterised by personal relationships. Surf through the cablex world – we hope you like it.

More presence on the website has also been given to the topic of working at cablex. This is because, as number 1 in the market, we are looking for the best employees and apprentices to shape the networked future with you.

And, of course, the newsletter once again contains success stories and exciting insights into the cablex world. Enjoy reading!

Roman Kappeler
Head of Communications


P.S.: Let us know which contents are of particular interest to you, so that we can continue to bring you exciting stories on your favourite topics link. We will raffle a mini-drone among all entries.

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New prospects thanks to internal training

cablex trains its employees to become versatile specialists.


Major project in final spurt

The tunnel construction project for the Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher (LEB) railway line will be completed in a few weeks. The tunnel is expected to be put into operation in spring 2022.


Rescue from a mobile phone mast

To ensure that the rescue of an injured person from a radio mast is carried out safely and routinely, the employees are prepared for these extreme situations.


cablex expands its offering in the area of excavation-free cable work

Rod pushers mean there is no need to dig any trenches. This precisely controllable process is used primarily for house connections.


And ... Cut! - our most charming outtakes.

Oops! Sometimes things don't go as planned on our shoots. We don't want to deprive you of these funny scenes.

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