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Zermatt 2024 - Hero 24-9
Martina Strazzer 1-1

cablex job done – now the festival is on.

There are hardly any events or festivals in Switzerland that do not involve the cablex technician team.

10.04.2024 von Martina Strazzer
Martin mit Velo und seinem Vorgesetzten Markus an der Unfallstelle.
Martina Strazzer 1-1

A bike ride with consequences!

A very personal story from the professional life of a cablex colleague.

08.04.2024 von Martina Strazzer
CEO-Wechsel_Bild 24-9
Martina Strazzer 1-1

CEO Daniel Binzegger leaves cablex after ten successful years.

After a successful decade as CEO of cablex, Daniel Binzegger has decided to leave the company.

02.04.2024 von Martina Strazzer
Headerbild PPS 24-9
Larissa Mihalik 1-1

Several teams with one goal: to rectify a fault.

Various departments work together from the time a fault is reported by the customer until it is rectified.

02.04.2024 von Larissa Mihalik
Zwei cablex Servicetechniker vor dem Auto in Österreich
Martina Strazzer 1-1

Hello, Austria

cablex service technicians install Internet and TV products and switch copper connections for A1 customers in Austria.

01.03.2024 von Martina Strazzer
24-9 Header Störunsteam
Larissa Mihalik 1-1

Our troubleshooting team takes to the road for a smooth-running network.

Every day, they ensure that network functionality is guaranteed. The Graubünden Troubleshooting Team rectifies around 700 faults per year.

21.02.2024 von Larissa Mihalik
Almer 24-9
Larissa Mihalik 1-1

We can carry out any technical installation with these glasses.

Whether it's the commissioning of a heating system or a water pipe or the installation of an alarm system – with the help of Almer glasses, our highly trained technicians can also install systems outside of cablex's core areas of work.

29.01.2024 von Larissa Mihalik
Geschäftsleitungsmitglied, Pascal Sutter
Carolin Rabea Primerova 1-1

It is "winning spirit" that determines whether you succeed or fail.

"Team sports, leadership and work teams have a lot in common," says Pascal Sutter, member of senior management.

17.01.2024 von Carolin Rabea Primerova
Techniker von cablex und viboo mit intelligenten Thermostaten
Martina Strazzer 1-1

Everything as a Service (XaaS).

cablex is successfully implementing Everything as a Service.

10.01.2024 von Martina Strazzer
Urs Ringgenberg Aikido Header 24-9
Larissa Mihalik 1-1

A philosophy that can be transferred.

He knows how to positively influence energy flows, interact with people and defend himself. In this episode of "Insights – our executive management up close and personal", we introduce you to our Chief Financial Officer.

15.11.2023 von Larissa Mihalik

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