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The time will soon come again for many young people in Switzerland: The start of their apprenticeship in August. The apprenticeship marks the beginning of a new phase in their lives. As a training company for network electricians, installation electricians and electricians, we look forward every year to welcoming our "new generation" who we are happy to accompany on their way into the professional world. Unfortunately, every year we are short of motivated young people who want to work with us on the grids. Therefore, we would be pleased if you would point out in your private sphere that cablex still has open apprenticeship positions in French-speaking Switzerland.

In this click!, you will find articles about major projects that we have implemented for a wide range of customers. These include the development of the LEB in French-speaking Switzerland, the relocation of a large telecommunications centre in the centre of Zurich and an exciting project with Galenica.

We need highly trained specialists for all projects. Since we cannot recruit these only through graduates, we train new specialists in planning, construction and services at the company's own cablex Academy every year. This means that career changers can also choose a profession with a future. With our commitment, we are making a valuable contribution to eliminating the shortage of skilled workers.

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The LEB major project in three construction phases

Impressive: from the construction site to the finished structure. We look back at the 3 construction phases in the Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher tunnel.


Roll-out completed in around 180 chemist's

The cablex customer promise was realised in its entirety during the roll-out of the till systems.


Overhead line transport with drones

In the third pilot project, overhead line masts were transported through rough terrain using cargo drones. The goal is the health and safety of our employees.


Women power in Western Switzerland

Providing effective customer support with high female representation on our technical team.


Phase out - migration of a central office in Zurich

The Füssli central office near Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse is dissolved. All customers who are connected from here are migrated to the surrounding nodes.


Three new antennas deliver more mobile power

The upgrade to the site at Uezwil will allow customers to benefit from a high-performance mobile network in future.


cablex Academy

The cablex Academy teaches specialist skills (competences) in the fields of network construction, service and installation. Here, focus is on the area of network construction for telecommunication.

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