Roll-out completed in around 180 chemist's.

The decision to implement a strategic and future-oriented partnership between cablex and Galenica AG has paid off in full. Around 180 chemist's were fitted out with 1,750 Windows 10 desktop workstations. A reference project for both parties.

Author Martina Strazzer


Roll-out began in April 2021 and was completed in February 2022. Due to Covid-19 and general market-related supply bottlenecks, there were repeated delays in the delivery of the required materials. Even though our flexible cablex technicians frequently made additional arrangements for the professional realisation of installation in compliance with deadlines, around 20 per cent of installation work was not able to take place until the start of 2022.  

Around 180 chemist's with till systems and the associated back-office workstations were fitted out with new Windows 10 devices throughout Switzerland. Existing workstations and tills (all-in-one) were replaced and returned to the customer, Galenica, by our Logistics department. The full roll-out for each chemist's had to take place within a day. This included collecting the new terminals from the warehouse, disassembly and re-installation work, and the return of the old workstations. 

Working with passion and commitment, over 20 cablex workplace technicians were involved in this roll-out.
These highly experienced colleagues had built up their knowledge with various customers over the years, providing the required level of professionalism. 

Hand in hand with the customer.

Interaction with our customer, Galenica AG in Bern, was very well organised and carried out in the spirit of partnership. Galenica is the leading fully integrated healthcare service provider in Switzerland. The HealthCare service unit develops offers for health and prevention services and supports pharmacies. This includes support for over 8,000 pharmacists, doctors, chemist's, homes and hospitals throughout Switzerland.

Like cablex, Galenica refers to its values as the basis for shared understanding and collaboration. For both cablex and Galenica, the focus is on fulfilling promises to customers. 

Mr Rossé, Head of Service Management & IT Field at Galenica AG in Bern, coordinated the entire roll-out alongside the cablex team. We would like to thank him for his very positive feedback: 

Overall we are extremely happy with how the roll-out went. Collaboration throughout the project was exceptional. The feedback from chemist's was good and sometimes even excellent. The few complaints that we received merely related to a lack of prior information and could be quickly resolved. The quality of the work carried out by the cablex team improved continuously as the project advanced. This is largely down to the experience of the individual cablex employees who were involved in the project. The level of quality achieved is outstanding! We look forward to further collaboration with cablex. The next roll-out is being planned. We will begin installation in further chemist's from July 2022.

T. Rossé, Head of Service Management & IT Field, Galenica AG

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