Women power in Western Switzerland.

Women in technical professions are still in the minority in Switzerland. However, our two colleagues, Elisa Donno and Agnès Dubey, are demonstrating how focused women power works in service activities in the Freiburg region.

Author Martina Strazzer

Each day our two service technicians in the field take care of all concerns that are relevant to cablex, for the customers of Swisscom, our parent company. In the residential customer segment, connections and routers are installed, optical fibre sockets are put into operation, and all kinds of network faults are repaired. In addition to a large amount of empathy, technical training is required for this job. 

Let's ask our two friendly female colleagues themselves what their backgrounds are and how they find their way in the (still male-dominated) ICT and network infrastructure environment.

Technician Elisa Donno

Service technician Agnès Dubey

We thank Elisa and Agnès for their outstanding dedication and hope that they will be able to inspire more women to become service technicians.

Joy and pride – 17 apprentices have passed their final exams!

Fifteen apprentices will continue to work at cablex.

Indoor radio coverage for a frozen food centre!

A comprehensive catalogue of requirements for the indoor radio coverage.

cablex at the Greenfield Festival 2022.

cablex technical team responsible for the Internet infrastructure at the Greenfield Festival 2022.


Electrician EFZ.

No matter whether it's for electricity, telephony, Internet or television/radio in commercial or industrial buildings, you as an installation professional bring this nervous system in buildings to life!

Women power in Western Switzerland.

Providing effective customer support with high female representation on our technical team.

Good reasons for an apprenticeship as a network electrician.

Future network electrician professionals with a focus on telecommunications studied hard for four days in Kallnach.

New prospects thanks to internal training.

cablex trains its employees to become versatile specialists.


Assembly electrician.

No matter whether it's for for electricity, telephony, Internet or television/radio in commercial or industrial buildings - as an assembly professional, you have all the connections firmly under control!

Network electricians EFZ.

Digitalisation, social media, virtual worlds, homeschooling, smart home systems - are only possible with you as a network construction professional!

Header Kallnach ÜK TEL 3 24-9.jpg

ICC TEL 3 – the last industry-wide training course before the qualification process.

The third-year network electrician apprentices met at the BKW training centre in Kallnach in November 2021.


Simulation of an accident scenario on a mobile phone mast.

To ensure that the rescue of an injured person from a radio mast is carried out safely and routinely, the employees are prepared for these extreme situations.

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