The organisation of cablex is characterised by a lean structure and flat hierarchies.

At cablex, you – the customer – are at the centre of our actions. Senior management has been running our company wholeheartedly and with commitment for 20 years.

Francesco Castelletti 16-9
Francesco Castelletti, CEO ad interim

CEO ad interim

Because we put our heart and soul into it.

We are driving forward innovative technologies, the upcoming energy revolution and the increasing mobility in our society. We network with technologies of the future and lay the foundation for tomorrow's infrastructure together with our customers.​

Francesco Castelletti's motto is: "People are key."

Sandra Lange - 16-9
Sandra Lange, Head of Human Resources

Human Resources

Because employees make the difference in our business.​

We accompany and support the business units with all HR-relevant issues. We work together professionally – be it in recruitment, when providing advice or in our work routines. We invest in the training and further education of our employees. This ensures we strengthen and extend their core competencies continuously, so that we remain successful in the market. Because vocational training is very important to us, we forge the talents of tomorrow ourselves and train our own young professionals. Our employees are what make us successful. The cooperation is based on mutual trust, respect and appreciation.​​

Sandra Lange's motto is: "Together we're successful." 

Roman Kappeler 16-9
Roman Kappeler, Head of Communications


So that cablex is recognized, both internally and externally.​

Roman Kappeler and his team ensure that information reaches the right people at the right time and that it is understood.

Communications supports the cablex business areas in planning and implementing communication measures, and it is the point of contact for media concerns and issues.​ 

Roman Kappeler's motto is: "Dialog on a level playing field is a key factor in cablex's success."

Harald Fischer 16-9
Harald Fischer, Head of Projects


Driving expansion projects forward. 

The Projects organisational unit is led by Harald Fischer and deals with special plans and projects from cablex at home and abroad. The primary focus is the expansion of the company, customer acquisition, and developing new cablex locations. 

Harald Fischer's motto is: "Don't promise excellence, deliver excellence."

Christian Rossi 16-9
Christian Rossi, Head of Wireline Rollout

Wireline Rollout

Develop – Plan – Operate – Maintain – Manage.​

The business area Wireline Rollout, under the management of Christian Rossi, is expanding Switzerland's broadband network with optical fibertechnology on behalf of its customer, Swisscom. From ordering, to commissioning, to documentation of the work, Wireline Rollout provides a complete end-to-end service.​

Christian Rossi's motto is: "Be simpler - be successful."

Pascal Sutter 16-9
Pascal Sutter, Head of Wireless


So that modern technologies and infrastructures are guaranteed.​

Wireless plans, builds and maintains its customers' infrastructures for the leading mobile communication networks throughout Switzerland. The goal is to provide the best and most modern technologies while guaranteeing an outstanding customer experience. Thanks to its many years of experience in mobile communications, the Wireless business area acquires the engineering locations, conducts contract negotiations with owners and designs projects in such a way that optimum network performance is generated. This means that Wireless is in a position to implement projects from a legal and construction perspective.

Pascal Sutter's motto is: "Alone you can do many things, but together you can achieve anything."

Adrian Jungo 16-9
Adrian Jungo, Head of Strategy, Business Development & Quality

Strategy, Business Development & Quality

For successful and sustainable corporate development.  

Strategy, Business Development & Quality is responsible for the overarching cablex strategy, develops it and coordinates its implementation. The unit assumes responsibility for analyses and special projects such as M&A, stakeholder management, and digitalisation, and provides the units with support in all issues relating to the environment.

Adrian Jungo's motto is: "Don't think in terms of problems but of solutions."

Gilbert Granelli 16-9
Gilbert Granelli, Head of Wireline Construction

Wireline Construction

The core business with Swisscom.​

Wireline Construction, under the management of Gilbert Granelli, guarantees that Swisscom's infrastructure is always at the cutting edge. The core service includes network construction/expansion, dismantling and also special contracts for the military, CO transformation and civil engineering cooperation. Wireline Construction manages the cablex competence centers in the areas of engineering, network construction, cable laying and civil engineering as well as in-house installations.

Gilbert Granelli's motto is: "We make the difference."​

Urs Ringgenberg 16-9
Urs Ringgenberg, Head of Finance, IT & Supply Chain Management

Finance, IT & Supply Chain Management

The data center and much more.​

The Finance Division, under the management of Urs Ringgenberg, sees itself as a service organization. It supports the other business units with their management and therefore contributes towards the success of the company. Finance ensures the figures are accurate, helps with budgeting and also project controlling or accounting. 

​​​​Urs Ringgenberg's motto is: "We show how we are working, in numbers."

Kornel Reutemann 16-9
Kornel Reutemann, Head of Infrastructure & Business Solutions

Infrastructure & Business Solutions

The first choice for information and communication technologies (ICT) and the associated infrastructure.​

The Infrastructure & Business Solution business area is experienced in telecommunications network construction, rail, road and building infrastructures, e-mobility, traffic technology and civil work. Our customer base includes companies from the Traffic, Telecoms & IT and Electricity sectors.​ 

Kornel Reutemann's motto is: "We are managerial, dynamic and pragmatic."

Thomas Von Arx
Thomas Von Arx, Head of Field Services

Field Services ad interim

The on-site service for the best customer experience.​

The Field Services business area, under the management of Thomas Von Arx, provides on-site services for customers as well as for Swisscom throughout Switzerland. The employees of Field Services troubleshoot, install IT systems, peripheral devices, machines or software, and activate connections and systems for private customers and small and medium-sized companies.

Thomas Von Arx 's motto is: "Service with passion!"

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