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Change of leadership in the Wireless PBX division.

A big thank you to Martin Müller, who is leaving cablex after eleven years to enjoy his well-deserved retirement.

Heating control with Swiss precision.

The building intelligence solution enables efficient heating control.

Re-appointment of the position of Chief Information Security Officer.

After two months in office, Manuel Ziegler answered our questions about his new role at cablex:


Creating a future-proof infrastructure with cablex.

Techniker installiert Zähler

Complete package: produce electricity sustainably and save costs.

Cablex shows why a merger as a self-consumption initiative (ZEV) is worthwhile both for tenants and landlords.

New team member for overhead lines: the crane trailer.

The red Ferrari among overhead lines, also known as a crane trailer, takes care of loading and erecting pylons, making daily work in the field easier.

Lehrling am Spleissen

Attractive apprenticeships at cablex!

Specialist at cablex for first-class network infrastructure solutions.

cablex values.

Here you can find information about the values of cablex

Safety, quality and the environment.

We take responsibility, so your order is in safe hands with us.

Interim review of the major project Control Unit Replacement.

Since 2019, cablex has replaced 220 control units and around 2800 associated traffic lights.

Brienz-Brinzauls slides and causes disruption.

Brienz-Brinzauls is a village with around 110 inhabitants that is moving towards the valley.

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