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Major Incident Fixed in a Flash!

Damaged cable route was repaired by cablex in one 24-hour deployment.

Mann auf Freileitungsmast

Modern network construction via overhead lines.

No work access holes and fast Internet connections in Wolhusen thanks to XGS-PON.

Three new antennas improve performance.

The upgrade to the site at Uezwil will allow customers to benefit from a high-performance mobile network in future.


Creating a future-proof infrastructure with cablex.

New reference: LEB tunnel opened in the heart of Lausanne.

Impressive: from the construction site to the finished structure. We look back at the 3 construction phases in the Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher tunnel.

New members on the cablex Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors of cablex has a new Chairman and a new Board member.

Phase out - migration of a central office in Zurich.

The Füssli central office near Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse is dissolved. All customers who are connected from here are migrated to the surrounding nodes.

cablex values.

Here you can find information about the values of cablex

Safety, quality and the environment.

We take responsibility, so your order is in safe hands with us.

Advice, advice and even more advice at the BEA.

cablex has a permanent place at the Swisscom stand for all questions regarding home networking.

Roll-out completed in around 180 chemist's.

The cablex customer promise was realised in its entirety during the roll-out of the till systems.

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