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Corporate governance at cablex.

Sustainable corporate governance for trust and integrity.

At cablex, we place great importance on responsible and transparent corporate governance based on the principles of integrity, fairness and sustainable management. Our corporate governance structure ensures that we protect the interests of our stakeholders and comply with ethical standards.

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We have implemented clear and effective management processes to ensure trustworthy decision-making and efficient management. Our corporate strategy and objectives follow the Group strategy and its objectives. These are regularly reviewed and adapted to meet the constantly changing needs and requirements of the market.

Transparency is a central element of our corporate governance. We are committed to providing clear and understandable information about our business activities. 

We promote a culture of compliance and place great importance on adherence to laws and regulations. Our internal control mechanisms and compliance processes ensure that we act ethically and in accordance with the law. We have developed a Code of Conduct that must be followed by all our employees to ensure that we maintain the highest standards in our business operations.
At cablex, we are aware that solid corporate governance forms the basis for sustainable corporate growth and the trust of our customers. We constantly endeavour to improve our corporate governance practices and meet the highest standards of corporate governance. Your data is important to us, which is why cablex has a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). We are also constantly raising our employees' awareness, so that information and data security can be guaranteed.

Responsibility for the environment.

Two cablex employees discuss a project in a picturesque setting. A cablex vehicle is on the right.

Responsibility for the environment.

As part of the Swisscom Group, we support it in achieving climate neutrality. With electromobility as a factor, we're contributing to a reduction in CO2. Learn more about cablex's commitment to the environment.

Responsibility for people.

Two cablex staff smile at camera.

Responsibility for people.

Our employees are our most important asset. We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the quality of life of our employees and society. Learn more about our social commitment.

Adrian Jungo, Head of Strategy & Business Development
by Adrian Jungo
Strategy and Business Development