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A training course with lots of action!

"A super course day", which demanded the full concentration and attention of colleagues in the FS-C-12 overhead line team, but which was completed with a great deal of motivation and enjoyment.

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We are talking about the safety course "Working on steep roofs, PFPE (Personal Fall Protection Equipment)" organised by our cablex Academy. For overhead line fitters at cablex, this course is mandatory every five years in order to maintain their certification for working on steep roofs.

A training course with lots of action!

Pitched roofs include roofs with a pitch of 20 degrees or more. Our installation teams certainly do go out onto pitched roofs. However, the correct behaviour at height and the correct use of fall protection learned in the appropriately constructed training hall can also be applied to all work on masts. 

Our overhead line fitters are perfectly trained. Among other things, they regularly complete refresher courses in "First Aid" or "Working and Rescuing on Wooden Masts", which are offered through our cablex Academy.


The one-day course took place at AZ Kubel in St. Gallen, which is run by the Mountain Guides Association. The course was led by Manuel Siegl, Managing Director of Seilzugang GmbH, a professional in the fields of working at heights, industrial climbing and occupational safety. 

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Wireline Netzbau Glossar.

To ensure that no questions remain unanswered in the future, we have summarised and explained the most important terms in the "Wireline network construction reference book".

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ICT-Elektriker von cablex

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