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Intelligent energy meters from smart cablex.

Smart meters make it possible to check electricity consumption remotely at any time and are set to replace conventional meters in at least 80 per cent of Swiss households by 2027. End customers can then manage their own data themselves via an app or web portal.

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by Heinrich Braschler
Account & Project Management

Our installers have the necessary know-how and are proficient in all the technical steps required to replace meters within properties. cablex already works successfully with several energy suppliers in Switzerland and can quickly adapt to individual customer needs.

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Technical possibilities for remote reading.

  • Power Line Carrier modem (PLC G3)
  • Fibre optic exchange (FOX) in existing optical fibre network
  • Mobile communications
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Support with planning and implementation.

As an energy supply company, you will be equipping 80 percent of all households and businesses with smart electricity meters over the next few years. cablex supports you with the technical implementation.

You can benefit from these services:

  • Individual and project planning for your project
  • Cost-optimised rollout with high adherence to schedules
  • No interference with your day-to-day work, no additional staff required
  • Professional installation and final acceptance of the smart meters 

We carry out this professional work for you:

  • Replacement of meters connected via Power Line Carrier
  • Installation of a building OTO in the meter box or meter room including FOX connection
  • Installation and programming of networked interfaces, so-called gateways
  • Logistics, complete rollout including notification of customers
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Heinrich Braschler
Head of Account & Project Management

Heinrich Braschler 1-1

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