Eisenbahntunnel mit einem beleuchteten Handlauf

cablex ist Experte für klassische Stark- und Schwachstrom- sowie ICT-Installationen. Zusätzlich überzeugen wir mit unserer Projekterfahrung als Spezialist für ober- und unterirdische Installationen in Tunnels, Bahnhöfen und auf Strassen.

Safety in rail transport.

Construction projects like the Ceneri base tunnel or the LEB tunnel project in Lausanne are just two of the many references that cablex can provide in the rail infrastructure segment. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have an extensive portfolio and highly qualified specialist staff. Our industry knowledge ranges from modernisation of safety installations to securing the energy supply (medium- and low-voltage) – but why not take a look for yourself?

Our offer.

  • Experts in safety and self-rescue installations
  • Installation of illuminated hand rails as well as emergency and escape route lighting
  • Power supplies (medium- and low-voltage)
  • Project planning work for cable technology for SBB
  • Project planning across all SIA phases
  • Network construction experts for reliable energy, communication and earthing systems

Major tunnel construction project in the heart of Lausanne.

Major project in final spurt.

The LEB major project in three construction phases.

Best of Ceneri.

The radio network in the Ceneri base tunnel .

cablex is preparing the escape routes in the Bözberg tunnel.