Safety, quality and the environment are our top priorities.

We place great importance on quality when processing orders and projects. This is our recipe for success and for staying in the market over the long term.

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by Miriam Keller
Strategy, Business Development & Quality

cablex operates stringent quality management procedures. Our processes are documented, ensuring that they can be reviewed at all times. This enables us to quickly identify the potential for making optimisations and implement improvements straight away. 

Quality also encompasses safety and the environment. We are deeply invested in occupational health and safety to protect our employees. As an employer, cablex treats its responsibly to customers, employees and the environment seriously.

Our ISO certifications are stored in the SGS database.


We guarantee the safety of our employees through the systematic identification, analysis, evaluation and monitoring of risks.

We cultivate risk-awareness among our employees, take steps to prevent accidents and can react swiftly in emergency situations. Using training sessions and audits, we identify hazards and take appropriate preventive measures. We have developed our safety concept in line with Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety (FCOS) guideline 6508. 

Portraitbild von André Franke, Head of Safety, Security & Quality Assurens bei cablex AG

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André Franke


Safety, Security & Quality Assurance


Quality management.

The provision of services takes place in accordance with a clearly defined process.

We continuously monitor efficiency and effectiveness and document all process steps from customer and order acquisition to project completion in accordance with ISO 9001.


We procure, store, use and dispose of our materials in an ecologically responsible way.

We recycle reusable materials. We are regularly modernising our fleet with environmentally friendly vehicles and are always shortening our journeys where possible to avoid travelling unnecessary distances. Our commitment to the environment is ISO 14001 certified.


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