Apprenticeship successfully completed, congratulations!

This year twelve trainees, one of which was once again female, completed their apprenticeships at cablex. cablex would like to congratulate all of them on achieving their qualifications successfully. We're delighted that the majority of the graduate apprentices will continue working for cablex and putting the knowledge they have learned into practice on a daily basis.

Author Martina Strazzer

Completing an apprenticeship in times of the coronavirus pandemic requires a high degree of personal responsibility and self-discipline. There were always certain restrictions on the practical assignments, for example. And basic theoretical knowledge was taught primarily via distance learning. The preparations for the final exams took place very individually.

Yasef Doganay, a graduate apprentice,  completed his training as a network electrician with a focus on telecommunications at cablex with a very good result. He is based in the region of Zurich and will continue to work for cablex.

"I really enjoyed the three-year apprenticeship at cablex. During the first wave of the coronavirus, we struggled with the school material, as we only had distance learning in the second semester of 2020. Unfortunately, our teacher at school could only work to a limited extent at this time due to health reasons, so we repeated a lot of school material and learned less new content.

I have very many positive memories of my apprenticeship time. The focus during the pandemic was on practical activities. So I had a lot of time to practise the daily manual activities, and now feel very confident as a network electrician.

I would now like to take the opportunity to thank all of my colleagues and of course my trainer for the great support I received. I am really happy that I can continue to work for cablex and am looking forward to the next assignments."

We are very proud of their performance and wish them all the very best for the future, both professionally and personally.

Network electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) with a focus on telecommunications.

  • Julia Hornung
  • Martin Kurka
  • Dardan Ramizi
  • Yasef Doganay
  • Patrick Heimberg
  • Pedro Miguel Soares Lemos
  • Brandon Moron
  • Edon Sopa
  • Daniel Petrov

Electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ).

  • Gil Demenga

Assembly electrician with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ).

  • Erijon Rexhaj

Logistics technician (EFZ).

  • Christian Emanuel Rey Gonçalves

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