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Your main decision-making criteria include investment security through open systems, the possibility of a staged expansion (scalability), and the integration of your charging infrastructure into existing or future energy systems.

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by Heinrich Braschler
Account & Project Management

How we support you:

  • We advise you in relation to the formulation of your use cases and recommend the appropriate charging infrastructure.
  • We develop a system solution with you, which stands out thanks to a modular setup, open interfaces and good scalability.
  • We advise you on energy management for your property so that the maximum power available for charging electric vehicles is ensured at all times.
  • We show you the advantages of integrating a photovoltaic system into the charging infrastructure.
  • You have the option of combining your investment with a parking reservation system (CorPark)
  • Direct and simple contact.
  • With our Digital Check you can get an initial cost estimate.

Make use of our experience and start with the layout of your current requirements and possible future expansion steps.


How can you get an offer?

Investing in a charging infrastructure represents a considerable investment and requires comprehensive clarification, also with regard to the energy management of the property in future. cablex has developed a concept that thinks one step ahead.

  • On-site inspection
  • Solution proposal (concept)
  • Offer creation

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Heinrich Braschler
Head of Account & Project Management

Heinrich Braschler 1-1