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Electromobility is now part of our everyday lives, and it has some interesting prospects. The goal of e-mobility is the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions. The promotion of electricity generation plants that produce as little CO2 as possible is part of the political manifesto. Because only with clean electricity is electromobility actually clean itself.

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by Heinrich Braschler
Account & Project Management

Water, wind and sun are regenerative, but not very reliable energy sources. They must therefore be stored and utilised intelligently. This also applies to an ever-increasing extent to the charging of electric vehicles. The charging infrastructure must not be considered on its own. It is usually part of a smart overall concept.

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Charging infrastructure and energy management.

We plan and build your system. A charging infrastructure should not be considered in isolation; it is always part of an overarching energy management system. And cablex offers the right solution for every need. The centre-point here is an open energy management system, which optimises all plants and facilities that generate and consume energy in the network.

The greatest possible investment security.

  • Scalable, customised system solutions, from small plants up to industrial facilities
  • Product-independent solutions with outstanding compatibility with other systems
  • Open interface to backend systems (billing systems)

Maximum energy.

  • Limitation of active power consumption thanks to dynamic charging point management in real time
  • Charging park controller to prevent overloading of the charging station
  • Avoidance of load peaks thanks to dynamic control
  • Control and monitoring of the battery storage system

Make use of self-produced electricity from the photovoltaic system optimally and, at the same time, become less dependent on the more expensive electricity from the distribution grid.

Billing and monitoring.

Your benefit, our knowledge. cablex offers its own billing system for the charging current. This allows you to keep your cash flow under control. 

What's more, you can also use the following services:

  • User app for Apple/iOS and Android
  • Monitoring and operation of the charging stations (Maintenance App)
  • Integration into the European network of billing systems (Hubject connection)
  • Tariff management based on company-specific group assignment


Corporate Parking (CorPark).

For companies with a larger number of parking spaces, cablex offers its own parking reservation system. Corporate Parking (CorPark) is the ideal addition to your charging infrastructure, as it also allows you to reserve parking spaces with a charging station in advance - also for visitors. For more information, see our brochure on sustainable parking management. 

Our solutions for you.

Whether you are the owner of a single-family home, a landlord of larger properties or a business, cablex has the right solution for your specific needs - one stop for everything. 

You will receive comprehensive advice and solutions based on your requirements:

  • For your charging stations (from AC and fast to power chargers)
  • For your load and energy management and ZEV (association for for managing own consumption)
  • For monitoring your consumption and for billing
  • For the integration of a photovoltaic system, for (battery) storage systems and heat (hot water, heating)


A forward-looking overall solution for home-owners.


For multiple privately owned homes with a shared underground car park. Open solutions for maximum flexibility!


A modular and scalable solution with an open architecture. For investment security in smart energy technologies of the future.


For owners and managers of apartment buildings and for businesses.

We're here for you!


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Heinrich Braschler
Head of Account & Project Management

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