Flex — for several single-family homes with a shared car park.

The charging stations are to be installed in a structure with several single-family homes and a shared network connection. The underground car park is also connected electrically here. The connection line is limited, so the power distribution must be balanced to ensure network stability. Consumption data should be recorded individually for the billing of electricity.

Heinrich Braschler 1-1
by Heinrich Braschler
Account & Project Management

How we support you:

We advise you on load management to ensure an optimum design of the the connection line, taking into account the power consumption of the building and the charging stations.

  1. Readout and billing on site by the owner or
  2. Provision of consumption data by cablex and billing by the owner.

As a specialist for communication solutions, we provide your underground car park with the right technology.


How can you get an offer?

We recommend an on-site stocktake:

  • On-site inspection
  • Solution proposal (concept)
  • Offer creation

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Heinrich Braschler
Head of Account & Project Management

Heinrich Braschler 1-1