compact - For the owners of single-family homes.

You have a detached single-family home with its own building access connection and meter. In this case, a wallbox without an Internet connection is sufficient. An informative app is available for retrieving information on consumption and usage data. If your house has a photovoltaic system, this can be integrated into the charging station.


Heinrich Braschler 1-1
by Heinrich Braschler
Account & Project Management

How we support you.

  • Advice on choosing the right power class for your wallbox.
  • Checking the connection line of your property. Based on this, we work with you to develop an appropriate basic installation for the charging infrastructure.
  • We show you how to connect your photovoltaic system to a smart wallbox, so you can optimise your own consumption.
  • Direct and easy contact.
  • With our Digital Check you can make an initial cost estimate.

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Heinrich Braschler
Head of Account & Project Management

Heinrich Braschler 1-1