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A warm welcome and a great start at cablex!

cablex welcomes new joiners as they begin their careers! In German- and French-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino, eleven future Network Electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) specialising in telecommunications, three future Electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ), and one future Assembly Electrician with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) are starting their apprenticeships at cablex. This year again, we were unfortunately only able to inspire male apprentices with our three professions.

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Author Martina Strazzer

Lots of facts and figures to start.

After the positive experience with the two-day pilot project "NEX Welcome Days" last year in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, this content was also extended to French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino this summer. In German-speaking Switzerland, the "First Steps NEX cablex" took place for the first time, held over the course of three days at the BKW training centre in Kallnach and in Bern.

These three days spent together enabled the joiners to absorb and directly apply the wide-ranging content in a more targeted and practice-oriented way. In addition to the topics relating to the shift into professional life and the independence that comes with it, there was sufficient time for an initial immersion in the organization, work processes and values of cablex. There was also time for some bonding at a barbecue evening for everyone.

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Also in a new form, the safety training courses directly following the "NEX Welcome Days" took place in all three language regions. Together with colleagues from Safety cablex, this training has been reformulated for apprentices with a greater focus on experience and less on theory. Here, for example, our apprentices were able to see live what happens to a carrot (as a substitute for their own toes) when a hammer weighing five kilograms falls on it – once when well protected in an S3 safety shoe and once in a sneaker.

After the induction days, the apprentices were taken under the wings of their vocational trainers, with whom they tackle the theoretical and practical tasks of the apprenticeship. We wish all apprentices a successful start at cablex and are delighted that they have chosen to undertake their apprenticeships here.

Congratulations on completing an apprenticeship in 2023!

In July of this year, six Network Electricians with Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency (EFZ) specialising in telecommunications completed their apprenticeships at cablex successfully. Congratulations to them, and we are delighted that we are able to offer all our graduating apprentices a job at cablex. All the colleagues at cablex are looking forward to working with them in the future and welcome the apprenticeship leavers to the daily routine.

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24-9 Header Mendy

Mendy on her role as a fibre optic installer.

Mendy Meichtry is a fibre optic installer at cablex in the Valais region. Daily work in fibre optics includes activities like splicing and BEP installation, but also cable pulling.

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SCS Lernende bei FS 16-9

Teams of cablex technicians train Swisscom apprentices.

The Field Services team of technicians and Swisscom apprentices: a win-win project. Our ICT technicians in the field pass on their specific specialist knowledge, and the Swisscom apprentices help them with their daily work.

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Sunrise Kleiderwechsel 3-4

Working for Sunrise with a new look.

Following the merger of Sunrise and UPC, a brand refresh has been carried out over the past year. The new clothes are now here, and our technicians have the new logo, which symbolises the sun rising, on their uniform.

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Taster days at cablex.

Come and see for yourself! Register for a taster session for the Certified Network Electrician (VET), Certified Electrician (VET) or Certified Assembly Electrician (VET) apprenticeships.

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NEX Welcome Days cablex – we’re ready for the apprenticeships!

The apprentices were onboarded at the "NEX Welcome Days cablex" and are now ready to start their training.

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Lehrabschluss 2022 - Hero 24-9

Joy and pride – 17 apprentices have passed their final exams!

Fifteen apprentices will continue to work at cablex.

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Tiefkühl-Center_Hero 3-4

Indoor radio coverage for a frozen food centre!

A comprehensive catalogue of requirements for the indoor radio coverage.

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Certified Electrician (VET).

No matter whether it's for electricity, telephony, internet or TV/radio in commercial or industrial buildings, as an installation professional you bring the nervous system inside buildings to life! Take your first step into the world of work at cablex.

Two apprentice assembly electricians laying cable in a company building.

Certified Assembly Electrician (VET).

No matter whether it's for electricity, telephony, internet or television/radio in commercial or industrial buildings – as an assembly professional, you have all the connections firmly under control! Start your professional future with us.

Greenfield 2022_Hero 24-9

cablex at the Greenfield Festival 2022.

cablex technical team responsible for the Internet infrastructure at the Greenfield Festival 2022.

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Frauenpower in der Suisse romande - Hero 24-9

Women power in Western Switzerland.

Providing effective customer support with high female representation on our technical team.

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